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FRET12 began long before it was a business idea.

A guitar was purchased from a friend for $10 by a kid who wanted to learn how to play. It quickly became his obsession. Playing the guitar was the center of his life. The one true constant that he could always count on to bring him joy, sorrow and rage.

With a total commitment to playing, he's made a career as a guitarist that has taken him to the biggest stages in the world.

That kid is my brother. I have always been inspired by his passion and complete dedication to his craft. Guitar will always be a major part of who he is. I could never imagine it any other way.

While he has been fortunate enough to achieve great success as a guitarist and songwriter, who knows what the future holds. To that end, I have tried to do my part to help ensure that he has a lifelong career as a professional guitarist.

My own interest in guitar began with Angus Young and AC/DC. What attracted me was not only the music, but the graphic visuals and Angus' trademark uniform, Gibson guitar and duck walk on stage. While he is part of one of the most recognized bands in Rock n' Roll history, he is as uniquely recognizable as a guitarist.

FRET12 was formed to help my brother achieve that independent brand presence by amplifying the many things that are inherently unique to him as an artist. We are now employing our methodology and leveraging our platform to help other guitarists do the same.

We imagine that many guitarist's take similar paths; countless hours of practice, watching others play, maybe a lesson here and there, hitting walls - but always moving ahead in pursuit of the answers.

FRET12 believes that if professional guitarists take the time to share their stories and techniques, there are no better teachers. Sure, this happens in articles, videos and the occasional meet and greet at a guitar store, but we strive for something different; in-depth access to the artists.

We pursue a variety of ever expanding ways to share information and make our artist's accessible to other players.

All of our efforts have had a significant impact on the success of our artists and the response from the guitar community has been overwhelming. We like to think that our approach has helped many guitarists become better players.

The FRET12 business team has grown through the pursuit of top talent and the evolution of partnerships and supporters who believe in what we are doing for the artists and the guitar community.

The goal of FRET12 is to serve guitarists. It is founded on two primary ideas:

Develop the artist’s independent brand and products to support a sustainable lifelong career as a guitar player.

Engage with those who are eager to learn and share in the artist's knowledge and techniques. Every artist has a responsibility to keep their craft alive by encouraging others and transferring knowledge.

We thank you for your supporting your favorite artists and look forward to a long relationship through FRET12.


Daniel Tremonti
President of FRET12

Mark Tremonti is a Grammy award winning songwriter, guitar addict and the ongoing inspiration behind FRET12.

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