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10 Strat Facts

10 Strat Facts

Ahhh, the trusty Fender Stratocaster.  Even for people who don't play guitar, this is the one guitar that everyone knows, whether they know it or not.  The shape, the sound, the name, it's all iconic.  It is a guitar that has shaped musical movements and provided a sound that dozens of other brands all try to emulate.  Whether you love them or hate them, chances are you are going to play a Strat in your lifetime, and chances are even higher that you'll probably love it. 

With a thin neck, single coil pickups, and a "feeling" that is simply only available in a classic, real Fender Strat, it is a guitar the pros have called on since the guitar came around in 1954.  As with most classic guitars of today, that is, the ones we lovingly seek out as "vintage gear"; Strats carry a history that is almost more fascinating than the sound we know them for.

The lovely nerdy folks over at Guitar Nerds have put together an awesome list of 10 facts that you probably didn't know about this guitar.  Did you know when this guitar came out, you could get a legit 50s Fender Strat for only 200 some dollars?!  I mean, that same guitar could be a five or even six figure guitar nowadays! So remember that when you are shopping around for a guitar that might seem cheap nowadays, you never know what it might be worth someday....

From taking their gorgeous finish options from the automotive industry...

(hey, while we're at it, there IS a difference between Seafoam and Surf green) the days when these guitars only came with a 3-way blade switch, to "the STRAT", to the MIM guitars not being necessarily "all MIM"; this list will undoubtedly teach any guitar pro a few things they may not have known about the most famous 6 string of all time.  Check it out!

Who knew we actually have someone to blame for that horrible thing known as relicing?! 

Thanks to ProGuitarShop for the Brownie Strat photo!