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1000 fans learn to fly

1000 fans learn to fly

This will be the coolest thing you will see and hear all day, I guarantee it!

Fans of rock and roll are unquestionably the most passionate people on Earth.  There is not one group of people who can express their love for something in a more creative and human way than rock fans.  If you've attended any rock concerts in your day, especially one with tons of crowd participation, you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

It is also without doubt that the Foo Fighters are one of the biggest bands IN rock and roll.  This band has been steadily climbing to the top of pop culture since the late 90s when Dave Grohl went from Nirvana drummer to the most well-rounded cool dude in rock music.  With hilarious music videos, amazing live shows, and of course, legendary and catchy tunes; it's safe to say, all Foo everywhere has been fought successfully.

It seems like everyday some more epic news surfaces of something Foo-related making headlines, be it Dave Grohl performing with a broken leg in a rock n roll throne, letting fans jam on stage, or giving them private tours of his studio.

Now, here in America, we are lucky, because we make so many American rock bands.  And while we don't often accept them as much as we should; the fine, fine folks over in Europe and elsewhere overseas happen to love American rock just as much as we do (if not more!).  The bummer is, American bands can't always make it to all the places in Europe.

Cesena, Italy is one of these MANY beautiful places full of such fine people. So what is a city of passionate fans to do when they cannot get their favorite band to tour anywhere near them?

Well, normally they would do the usual route of petitions, social spamming, emailing, and other publicity-mongering things, but Cesena got WAY creative here.

The city, under the brilliant direction of Fabio Zaffagnini, rounded up 1000+ fans to call the Foo Fighters.

But This is NOT Just a Call!  See what I did there?

Cesena, Italy gathered not just 1000 people, but thousands of pieces of musical instruments to perform the Foo Fighters' token anthem, "Learn to Fly" en masse in a never-before-attempted mass concert pleading the band to visit their city! 

I mean, words will NOT, repeat they will NOT, describe how insane this sounds.  I mean, it looks impressive, but even more impressive is HEARING the onslaught of sound.  Hundreds of drummers, guitarists, bassists, and singers all came together to form the audience, but instead of just singing along; they jammed all the parts to this 1999 classic!

The funniest part is hearing the drummers all playing different fills during the song, but seriously; this came together SURPRISINGLY well and only goes to prove that Italy, and its town of Cesena is full of amazing people willing to do something out of this world for something that means the world to them.  Music.

Seeing all these people jamming together only reaffirms why music is perhaps the greatest thing on Earth.  Now we just need to wait to see how Dave and company react to this amazing demonstration of musical muscle!