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6 Letters of Rock: EVH and MXR

6 Letters of Rock: EVH and MXR

MXR, one of the subsidiaries of parent company Dunlop is turning 40 this year!  What better way to celebrate than with an exclusive interview with an artist that seems totally synonymous with the brand?  That's right, when most people hear or think of MXR (thanks to a Dunlop poll), they automatically think of none other than living legend Eddie Van Halen, a man who has made a career out of changing the way a guitar can sound.  

First known in the early Van Halen days for his swirling phaser sounds, he famously incorporated the now-standard MXR Phase 90 pedal in a variety of unique ways, most commonly set to a slow, swishing sound.  This sound provided the "pop" for all of his guitar solos, including, most famously- the "Eruption" tone.

He then branched out into flange pedals eventually culminating in a four knob custom EVH Flanger that features a built in push-button setting, so players can fast forward to Eddie's sound of choice. Nowadays, EVH himself runs a slew of other MXR pedals in his rig, including the MXR Smart-Gate to keep the noise down on his high-gain 5150 amps.  But don't just take my word for it, check out the brand-new interview over at GuitarWorld!

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