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6 of 10 for 15!

6 of 10 for 15!

Here at FRET12, we are no strangers to some rare and niche instruments!  We have seen countless custom colors on guitars come through here, all with unique wood tops and other sonic traits that makes each guitar something special.  From custom amps to other unique artist guitars, we always love feasting our eyes on one of a kind gear.

Well, Fender is arguably the king of one-off instruments, with a full custom shop and a history FULL of reissues and limited runs.  I mean, if you walk into a boutique store, chances are maximum that you will see a crazy piece from Fender in there.  In fact, very possibly one that you have never seen before.  Fender is just rad like that.  And in 2015, they're raising the bar again, by crafting 10 different styles of guitars throughout the year.  Each guitar will only be built 500 times, and those 500 are all going out to worldwide sale; meaning your odds of locating one are even lower.  

From Vintage Hardtail 70s Strats to Standard Teles that are fully humbucked, to special wood finishes like Oiled Ash and the gorgeous Butterscotch Blonde, to a Reclaimed Redwood 50s Tele, Fender seems to be pulling out all the cool stops on this latest run of vintage awesomeness. 

So far, Fender has teased all ten, but details are only known on 6 of them so far.  They are as follows:


Just check out some of that madness on that list!

  A double-cut Tele?! 

A hardtail Strat? 

This is some seriously awesome shit.  One choice guitar from this line up is their American Strat that comes as a Blackout Strat. 

Seeming to take a visual cue from Jim Root's Strat (which is similarly bad ass in all black), this guitar will offer the tones of a classic Strat but the more menacing look of Jim's guitar, perfect for those players who want the old tones but the new looks- because what can be better than ALL BLACK?  The answer of course, is nothing.  Nothing is cooler than black.

Well, except maybe a Telecaster built out of Reclaimed Redwood! Just the thought of Redwood on a guitar might be better than anything Nigel Tufnel could dream up...


That is like a vintage double whammy, because it's an old design guitar paired with some SERIOUSLY old-growth wood.  And you thought your guitar was vintage?   I can only imagine how cool the tone on this thing must be.  Plus this Tele swaps out the lipstick neck pickup for a humbucker, giving some really awesome looks and way thick tone.

Chalk up major style points for the folks and master builders over at Fender!  Seriously cool stuff, and I am definitely looking forward to see the other four guitars as they are unveiled later this year!

If you want to check out all the guitars in more detail and scope out some video demos, head over to: