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A tempting sitar

A tempting sitar

Animals as Leaders is undoubtedly one of the coolest bands on the planet right now.  You don't have to love djent tone or screaming vocals either to understand why.  This band doesn't pigeonhole themselves into a small box of one genre, but rather mashes all elements of music together into a sound that combines all the best of old and new music.  It is music that truly showcases the simple beauty of what a guitar can REALLY do. 

Hell they prove the guitar is SO versatile, they elect to not even have a bass player, because their extended range guitars can cover the low end needs as well!

So, my first experience to AAL was with this song here:

From the intro sample alone, you know you're going to be getting something different.  And the song only unfolds from there with epic leads, quirky rhythms, huge tapping sections, and synth-y sounding bits interspersed with clean guitars and jazzy chords. 

So where on Earth can a song like this go from where it currently is?!  Well, Rishabh Seen, an 18 year old virtuoso from India has tackled a sitar transcription of this insane piece of music.  I mean, this isn't just transcribing some radio hit, or an old jazz standard.  This takes some serious musical muscle just to figure out how to play it on a normal electric 8 string guitar, let alone making an entire transcription both melodic and rhythmic to the sitar- which is tuned and set up totally different than how the original song was recorded! 

If you know this song, you will LOVE this version of the AAL classic "Tempting Time", and even if you are new to it, you will truly enjoy the new sonic depth the sitar lends to this insane piece of music.

Rishabh had the following to say about this piece:

"For starting something that has never been done on a Sitar - I had to change nearly everything related to how I approached my instrument,how I played the instrument, how I viewed my FretBoard,using the theory of Indian music that I have studied and relating it to Metal and particularly Animals as Leaders - which was mind numbing , eye opening and Opened a whole new door of musical possibilties for me - I can't say If i'ld be ever able to thank Animals as Leaders enough for their music and Metal music in general."

Thanks to THALL TV for showing and sharing this!