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Budget Tremonti!

Budget Tremonti!

Mother of God, that is a lot of stuff going on up there.

It should come as no shock that Mark Tremonti has one of rock/metal's most noticeable sounds.  It is a sound that combines several boutique amplifiers, speaker cabinets, guitars, pedals, rack units, and more from some of the biggest names in music into a leviathan tidal wave of guitar tone. 

The only question for most of us is, "how do you get a tone like that without spending thousands of dollars on high-end gear?"

I mean just look at all this!

(thanks to and GuitarGeek for the old school cool pics :)

The folks over at Anderton's have a cool new feature called "Sound like" where they find ways to sound like a given musician at (usually) around $1000 or pounds for our British friends ;)

So, how exactly does one get a Mark Tremonti type sound, without buying his signature PRS, a Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier and Rectifier Cabinet and other rack and pedal effects?  Are there ways to get this tone that will not break your bank account? 

Personally, I have always loved finding pro tone in some more obscure places, because if you do enough digging, you'll often find some true gems in the guitar world, often times costing a lot less than you'd imagine.

Rabea and Matt have chosen the following simple four products to tie together to create a Mark Tremonti tone, and as a bonus, demo his riffs with their settings:  They picked the venerable PRS Tremonti SE Custom in Gray/Black, a Line 6 DT25, a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster pedal, and since they couldn't get Morley in the UK store, they opted for a Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal.  Thus, a good Mark Tremonti tone means, a beefy singlecut humbucking guitar, a high-ish gain amp, a boost to lend clarity and smoothness to the amount of gain, and a wah for soloing.  

That breaks down to: $700 (PRS) + $300 (COMBO Line 6) + $100 (SD pedal) + $80 (wah) = 1180 bucks!   Add a bit more in for the Line 6 head plus a cabinet if you want to go full stage size.  Overall, not too bad....

So how'd they do with this small and [actually] simple wishlist that only sets you back in full about $1200 ish?  Did they sound like Mark?!  Can they even play his riffs?!?!  Check it out:

The verdict?  I'd say they did a DAMN good job getting a Tremonti tone from the gear they used!  So if you're looking to nail down a tone like Mark's for your own music, definitely give this a look and a listen.  Don't agree?  What would YOU use for a Tremonti-budget rig?

Feeling some GAS after this? 

Grab a FRET12 Hot-Rodded SE Custom today (all installed and set up with PRS USA Tremonti Signature pickups)!