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Chicago's Jazzmaster

Chicago's Jazzmaster

Let's face it, the Jazzmaster is arguably one of the coolest Fender guitars out there.  I mean, everyone has either played or owned a Strat or Tele.  They are everywhere, and for good reason: they rule.  But lesser known and equally sexy is the Jazzmaster, a guitar created by Fender to appeal to jazz guitarists, but then used in wider scope across countless genres of music.  This guitar looks equally at home playing everything from jazz, to soft rock, to surf, to modern rock, to nu metal. 

Jim Root makes this thing look GOOOOOOOD


And utterly terrifying!


But we're not here to talk about new Jazzmasters.  Well, kinda.  Like, new old.  Old new?  How about a Jazzmaster with single coils, and not EMGs?

Check it out,


Gorgeous no?


What is it?  Why does it have a hardtail?  Well, the folks over at Chicago Music Exchange have teamed up with Fender to create an exclusive limited run Jazzmaster that is both classic yet new, all rolled into one stunning axe. 

Built in California, this guitar comes in Olympic White (shown above) and Sonic Blue

to give you the ultimate vintage look at your gigs! 

Unlike most Jazzmasters, this guitar does not feature the trademark trem bridge, but instead comes with a hardtail bridge with a snazzy Adjust-o-Matic bridge.  This allows for a guitar that is easier to intonate and perform setups on, as well being more stable in tune overall. 

21 jumbo frets on a comfy C-shape neck give you that great Fender feel along with way fun bendability, while a classic 1 Volume/1 Tone knob layout (plus a three way selector switch) keep things simple.  This thing comes loaded with ‘65 American Vintage Jazzmaster single coil pickups for boutique-y, chimey tones to California and back.  Want to hear it in action? 

This guitar comes to you nestled in a hardshell case from G&G.  Best of all, this thing is affordable, being priced at only $1299.  Worst of all?  They are only making 50 of each color, and they will be going fast.  You can ONLY get this one-off axe at Chicago Music Exchange however, so act quick before it’s gone! 

Thanks to CME for the pictures of this stunning new axe!