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Over 2 years ago, the seasoned rock outfit known as Clutch released their tenth studio album, ‘Earth Rocker.’ The band is known for having a varying sound across their albums, but Earth Rocker managed to stand out as being different from the other records in the band’s discography. Unlike older Clutch records, Earth Rocker seemed to pick up the pace a little bit when it came to overall ferocity, and speed. One thing was certain when the album was released: It would be very interesting where the band would take their sound next.

Now, the band has officially announced their follow-up to Earth Rocker, and their 11th studio album: ‘Psychic Warfare.’ The title explains pretty much everything you need to know about the album’s themes, as the band seems to be going for dreamier, more psychedelic lyrical themes. Neil Fallon recently spoke to the Metal Hammer Magazine Show about the concepts the album was trying to tackle:

"'Psychic warfare' is a lyric from the first track, 'X-Ray Visions'. It's about a guy holed up in a motel for unexplained reasons, and he's under great duress, being attacked by psychically-empowered agents of unknown origin. At least, that's the back story I have in my head."

Fallon also spoke more in-depth about how the inspiration for ‘X-Ray visions’ came from Philip K. Dick, author of ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?:

"[Dick's] general philosophy and questions have always crept into my lyrics, because I share an interest in it. On 'Earth Rocker', 'Crucial Velocity' was definitely a Philip K. Dick song for me. On this record, 'X-Ray Visions' certainly is."

It all sounds very psychedelic, and it makes sense that this album would have a more psychedelic sound. The heavier, more ferocious sound on Earth Rocker was attributed to the band’s touring with Motorhead and Thin Lizzy, so the more cerebral, psychedelic sound might be a product of Clutch’s most recent tour with Mastodon.

The album is set to be released on October 2nd, via the band’s own label.

Here’s the track listing for the new album:

01. The Affidavit
02. X-Ray Visions
03. Firebirds
04. A Quick Death In Texas
05. Sucker For The Witch
06. Your Love Is Incarceration
07. Doom Saloon
08. Our Lady Of Electric Light
09. Noble Savage Clutch
10. Behold The Colossus
11. Decapitation Blues
12. Son Of Virginia

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