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Ditch the damn velcro!

Ditch the damn velcro!

OK, so you're a guitarist.  Chances are pretty damn high that you have a few guitars, an amp, and maybe a few pedals.  There comes a point in your pedal collecting when you say, "I should really put these things on a board, and make them look nice", after all who the hell wants to look at this?!

Next problem you usually run into is getting too many effects for whatever size board you cobbled together from scratch.  So you have to start twisting and turning them sideways, stacking them, just throwing them on top of whatever space is left just to get them all to fit on the board to make it to your next gig or jam. 

But that looks like shit too, and if you show up to your gig and have a problem in your signal chain, you have to mow through some serious spaghetti to find your issue.  That, of course is both embarrassing and not professional.

So to alleviate all of this, you find the right pedalboard for your collection and then tell yourself, "I am going to run cables like a pro, hide them when not needed, and velcro the shit out of everything so I can hit the road with this and not have them flying all over the place"... or something along those lines.


So you go to your local Walmart and buy a ton of Velcro, and after hours of cutting Velcro and ruining your scissors, you then find out either right then, or a few weeks/months later that the adhesive on the Velcro has failed.   There is Velcro to hold your pedals to the board, but nothing to properly hold the Velcro to the pedal itself!  So then you peel the Velcro away and find out that you have left sticky residue all over your beloved effects pedals that used to be so clean...

AHHHH, will this problem ever stop?!  Maybe you should just pick up the drums....

Well, never fear my stringed amigos.  Especially if you have OCD, this should ease your worried mind. Enter Pedal-Links. 


This is a whole new concept on how to mount your pedals to a board.  Granted, it is something quite a bit more permanent, but not AS permanent as JB Welding your pedals to your board.  With this new system, these mounts take advantage of your pedal's existing architecture.  Most all pedals feature 4 screws on the underside of the chassis used to hold the pedal together. 

All you need to do is remove these screws, place a Pedal-Link on each corner and re-insert the screws.  Then, you screw the other end of the link to your pedalboard.  Before you do this, make sure you set up and test your signal chain and layout of your new board.  Once you like how it looks and feels, THEN screw it all down.  It is that easy!  In case you can't visualize it, check out this video explaining the installation process:

Best news is, once you have everything down, it's not going ANYWHERE.  This is a much more legit approach to getting your pedals to stay in place and look much cleaner.  Plus if you ever sell a pedal or two down the road, you no longer have to worry about that nasty Vecro adhesive residue!

Want some? 

The set is about $15, and gives you enough materials to mount up four pedals!

Here's a complete video explaining everything!

Get more info at the link below:

No more of this!