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Don't Be A Jerk!

Don't Be A Jerk!

Being a guitar player certainly has its ups and downs.  In the course of your guitar career, be it professionally or just on the hobby level, you will encounter every kind of guitar player.  There are the normal ones who go about their playing, minding their own business.  There are the experts who claim to know it all with their non-existent, self-proclaimed experience.  There are the select few you will encounter who are so damn smart you'll wonder how they had the time to learn all it is they know.  There are the prodigies that impress everyone with their humble attitude and wicked chops.  There are the total amateurs; aka the ones who know even less than you did as a beginner, and the list goes on and on! 

Those categories don't even BEGIN to encompass the guitarists that you'll cross paths with.  There are literally guitarists of every shape, size, and attitude.  Finding those select "right" few is the tricky part.  The ones who see eye to eye with you in the ever-subjective area of tone and musicality.  One thing is for certain however, and it usually occurs at one's first visit to a guitar store with "experts" floating around- the guitar world is full of jerks.

These experts can come in the form of players, "browsers", staff, girlfriends, onlookers; they are everywhere it seems!  No matter who they are, someone always seems to have the advice you don't actually need, and definitely don't want.

Sometimes being a jerk is warranted however, as you can only imagine that working at a guitar store would turn you into a jaded, guitar-hating demon.  I mean, serious, how many hours of crappy Line6 palm muting can one take?  How many notes per second is TOO much?!  HOW many sweeps and legato shreds will drive a man to insanity?! 

Who knew that hell actually exists on Earth in the form of the Guitar Center in Times Square?

Good lord, just look at all that showing off!

As it turns out someone has indeed quantified these ways to BE a jerk guitarist!  There are ten steps and definitely right on the money.  Be it in a guitar store, on stage, in a studio, in a band, to cutting down famous musicians, to not giving compliments, to giving advice on technique, to differing styles of music, to helping other players; well, dammit, jerks seem to find a way into every situation. 

If you have grown up playing guitar, and know "that guy" (or maybe a few of "those guys"), then this list is for you. 

And if you watched this entire video and are saying, "I've never met any of those people!" 

Guess what?

You're the guy!