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Eden micro-sizes their World Tour!

Eden micro-sizes their World Tour!

That thumbnail is deceiving huh?!  Don't be mad that it isn't hundreds of pounds of earth rumbling bass gear....

Let's face it, at some point, all guitarists crave a practice amp.  Some of us start with them, but others have full rigs that are just too loud or cumbersome to use in daily playing regimens.  Face it, it's fun to shake the floor, and annoy the neighbors, but long term, how many friends and loved ones do you want to lose at the expense of your bass?

I know, I know, you think all tiny amps sound terrible, especially the really small ones.  But this one definitely is an exception!  With ever-advancing amp technology, practice amps have gotten unbelievably accurate in modeling their full-sized counterparts.  

Eden, one of the biggest boutique bass amp brands, has now found a machine to shrink down their legendary World Tour series bass heads into a tiny and actually very adorable little mini bass stack!

At only 2 watts, and only 12 inches high- it won't be loud, won't work with a band, or shatter your glass shower door in your bathroom.  BUT it WILL provide great tone and amp feel for both quiet, comfortable practice!  You can use this as both an amp, or plug headphones in for totally silent practice.  This little guy also runs off of AA batteries or a 15V Eden PSU.

Check out this great video demo:

Want one?  

They're only 60 bucks!  Even if you don't play bass, this cute little amp is an easy add on to your guitar collection, and as the video shows, when mic'd up, sounds surprisingly good for recording!  Fits like a charm into gig bags and happens to fit right into gift boxes for giving that special bass player on your list the perfect gift!