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With Fear Factory’s new album ‘Genexus’ well on it’s way to an August 7th release date, it’s only natural for the band to steadily release more info about the it. From what we know so far, the album is a look at the final stage of man’s evolution, where the nature of humanity and machinery becomes ambiguous. It’ll be a deeper look in the psychology of what that kind of society might be, and the struggles of both men and their machine counterparts.

The band has also released a few songs off the album: Protomech and Soul Hacker. You can listen to the songs below:

Now, with the new album’s release 2 weeks away, the band has released another new cut off Genexus, titled Dielectric, and once again, the band shows promise for their new album:

Considering that they’ve already released 3 songs off the album that have been fairly strong, one has to wonder how many more solid cuts off the album can be left? With 10 tracks on the album, if the songs that have been released so far, it looks pretty likely that they may just have one or two more songs that they can debut.

Until then, here’s the full track listing for the album:

01. Autonomous Combat System
02. Anodized
03. Dielectric
04. Soul Hacker
05. Protomech
06. Genexus
07. Church Of Execution
08. Regenerate
09. Battle For Utopia
10. Expiration Date

You can also watch our Artist Connect with guitarist Dino Cazares: