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FRET12 Artist Connect with Rani from Stolen Babies // (Part Two)

FRET12 Artist Connect with Rani from Stolen Babies // (Part Two)
Part II of our Artist Connect with Rani Sharone from Stolen Babies! Taking influence from Flea, Norwood Fisher, and Les Claypool, Rani goes on to tell the full back story of how his band was created.

A lot of people may not be aware that Danny Elfman (now known for his film scores) also fronted a band at one point. That band was Oingo Boingo, and was a band that was incredibly influential on the earliest days of the members of Stolen Babies, especially in the early incarnation of the band, a much larger group called The Fratellis.

The creative process that exists between Dominique and Rani is unique in itself as well. From the unbelievable story of how the two musicians met, to how they write music, Rani explains it all in this brand new interview.

Also, get ready to hear how the band got involved with Maynard James Keenan and his side project Puscifer, including one of Rani's favorite album covers.