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The filming of 'John Connolly: The Sound and the Story' continues! Back towards the end of May, FRET12 was proud to announce that John Connolly of Sevendust would be joining the pantheon of Sound and Story guitarists. We had the opportunity to catch up with him at our studio in Chicago, as he told us his Story and ran through some classic songs from Sevendust and Projected for the DVD, along with some other guitar wizardry, which was to be expected:

Now, FRET12 was able to head out to Roverfest in Cleveland this past weekend, to talk with John, Clint, and other Sevendust members. We were also able to get the opportunity to shoot some great footage of the band in action!

Here are some awesome behind-the-scenes shots from the event

Lakeside interviews with John himself:

Backstage at rehearsal, featuring Clint's magnificent beard:

And, of course, the show itself:

There is still no set release date for John Connolly: The Sound and The Story, but, for you Sevendust fans out there, you can always check out our Documentary/Guitar Instruction DVD with Clint Lowery while you wait:

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