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FRET12 Weekly Riff - Pedal Point Exercise

FRET12 Weekly Riff - Pedal Point Exercise

Get ready for more alternate picking fun!  This pedal point exercise will shift between the 8th and 5th position and features a descending and ascending pattern of notes.  The exercise is shown here in two different positions, but can also be played in any key, in any position, and also at any tempo.

Learning how to walk down and back from a stationary position will help build strength in the left hand, as well as teaching the often-forgotten about pinky finger how to "lead" a lick.

Having the pinky finger also establish a common ground on the 12th fret E note to pedal off of, will allow your hand to not only gain strength with a stretching motion, but also build coordination with the other moving fingers compared to the more stationary pinky finger.

And yes, this riff is tuned to E standard for all of you nay-sayers of the half-step down tuning ;)