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Frontmen say Down with Social Media!

Frontmen say Down with Social Media!

(thanks to BitRebel for the epic, and anatomically-accurate photo)

Social media is certainly one of the biggest and most impressive things to happen to the internet, and has no doubt had a massive effect on the entertainment business.  Fans can now interact with entertainers in ways never before thought possible!  Everything is instant, usually free, and comes to you quicker than any news source could report back in the day.  It's also the one place where everyone can come together and say exactly what's on their mind.  Be it something positive or constructive, or something totally out of class and negative - anything goes on the ol' internet! 

I mean, seriously, anything goes.  Plus, thanks to all the relative anonymity and absence of emotion, things get taken out of context and feelings get hurt all the time, whether intended or not.  Social media has done its best to try to bring out the best in people by connecting them, but the bad always seems to come out somehow doesn't it?  THIS is why we can't have a dislike button people!

Recently, Disturbed frontman Dave Draiman, our commando of CAPS LOCK has decided to quit Twitter once and for all, claiming that Twitter has just turned into a "preying ground for trolls". 

As the face of a huge band like Disturbed, you are obviously going to endure a lot of heat from fans and enemies alike.  The bigger the band gets, the more people will try to tear it down. Nevertheless, Draiman used his social presence not only to promote his music, but also to discuss politics, religion, and other more important and pressing social issues. 

Even still, no amount of CAPS LOCK would save his account from trolling.

Draiman explained to Nikki Sixx:

"I'm done with social media. I'm done being anybody's punching bag. I invested three, four years of solid interaction, of trying to make a difference, of trying to be a voice of reason, of trying to be something entertaining for people."

He continues, "The internet, sadly, has become a preying ground for trolls and predators. When you're in the position that I'm in, a wife and a child who'd just come into this world, you start wondering whether some of the threats and nonsense are worth it."

So sadly, for now, it seems that CAPS LOCK has retired. 

Check it out:

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, who's certainly no stranger to controversy, is also following these anti-social media sentiments, as he has long been off the dreaded Twitter machine (since 2012), and is now considering giving the ax to his (amazing) Instagram page. 

He said in an interview with ALTPress:


"I might eventually burn out and have to leave Instagram, too, because as more people follow me, the stupider the conversation becomes. That's what happened with Twitter. I hope this doesn't piss anyone off, though I really don't fucking care if it does: I wish I could disable comments and likes. At first, the interaction was really cool, and sometimes it still is, but to a degree it's making me lose faith in humanity again, just like Twitter did. When you write to your character limit in Instagram, it's not even a full page of a regular book, right? But people are like, "I can't read this! This is too much!" I'm like, "Are you an idiot? You can't read a paragraph?"

But that's only some people in this fast-forward, ADD, shortened attention span society we live in. With Instagram, I'm not taking pictures of my dinner. I'm not taking fucking selfies. Go fuck your-selfie! How about that? [Laughs.] The fact that "selfie" was introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary makes me want to smash my head through the wall. It's hideous. I'm taking real pictures of things and writing things [accompanying] them. I'm not trying to sound all highbrow and highfalutin, but it's art.

When I write, I'm trying to drive the conversation. Some people have gotten heated about this, but people should know: my Instagram account is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship. It is a fascist cyber realm in which I am at the helm. If you're an asshole, I banish you. People say something stupid and they're like, "I'm just expressing my opinion." Not anymore you aren't! BLAM! You're gone! [Laughs.]"

Seriously, go check out Randy's Instagram page (while it's still around!)

Remember, Lamb of God AND Disturbed both have new music coming out soon, so be sure to stay tuned for the new albums!

Want to read more from Randy?  Check out the full interview: