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G.A.S. - Gere Acquisition Syndrome!

G.A.S. - Gere Acquisition Syndrome!

Actors and actresses are a unique breed indeed.  Every once in a while, you'll run into the select few who are not only into music, but hardcore into music -- actors who have the time and money to fully indulge their artistic hobby -- and rightfully so, as the type who will sit down with a cup of coffee and relish an instrument for the look, feel, and passion, equally on the same plane as the sound it creates.  Richard Gere just so happens to be one of those actors. 

Growing up in a very musical family, Gere got his start playing the trumpet.  Go figure.  He did not get into guitar until later on.  Impressively, he never had lessons on either instrument, which seems to lend some credence to the fact that "there is no right on the guitar".  Perhaps, there in-lies the beauty of guitar, and how you can tailor this instrument of a thousand sounds to be your very own expression. 


The guitar that kicked off Richard's G.A.S.?  A $50 acoustic guitar at a local music store, which has its own interesting story about how he acquired it from the shop owner.  Whether you love or hate vintage gear, the stories and the history always make it worthwhile.  From an insanely nice Gibson 335 from Norm's, to a one-of-a-kind D'Angelico that BELONGED to D'Angelico himself, to old Gibson L-4s, to a '64 Firebird V -- you might even find yourself seeing some gear you never knew about until now. 

From the story of Albert King's guitars and Gere's prototype to a pair of super delicate small bodied Martins, there are some REALLY cool pieces of vintage gear in this amazing collection.  It's two parts, but if you love cool gear and love seeing a ton of it all in one epic collection, this is a fascinating watch with a lot of great guitar history built right in!