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Going out of tune sucks, and so does buying the right tuner- because so many of them either break the bank or are just too cumbersome to use.  But suffer no more, as the folks over at Kliq have found a solution to getting yourself in tune in style WITHOUT breaking the bank!

So you may not have heard of Kliq, (and to be honest, neither did I) until the release of these bad ass tuners.  Most tuners we will come across in our guitar playing lives range from the inexpensive plug in Korg and Yamaha tuners you probably remember from your school band room to full on automotive battery charger-sized Peterson strobe tuners full of whirring motors and strobe lights.  The cost goes from about 20-30 bucks all the way to the hundreds of dollars!  And all for something that ONLY tunes your guitar...  

Here's the one I grew up with (the former):

Ahhh, Sabine- the legendary tuner company, with the trusty MT9000.  It boasted something cool however, as it was both a tuner AND a metronome!  But it was hard to read, slow to react, made of cheap plastic, and a battery eater!  Boo....

Lately, in the 20-teens, guitarists have been treated to the advent of clip-on tuners, which use a soft clip-on pad to grip the guitar's headstock, mounting direct to the instrument and thus eliminating the possibility of external noise interference.  This is great if you are a gigging musician who wants to get tuned on a loud stage at a loud bar with loud bandmates.  Clip-ons hear ONLY the vibration of the guitar's wood, giving you instant and easy tuning read outs.

Well, wouldn't you know it, but Kliq happens to offer BOTH styles of tuners.  

That's right, they offer a tuner that is a bigger, brighter version of the clip-on mentioned above, PLUS a tuner that is the usual wallet sized, plug-in variety!  (Don't worry it still has a mic for all you acoustic players!)

First off, is the Kliq UberTuner, aka their clip-on.

What a beaut!  Let's be honest, some clip-ons are unsightly, others are dim, and others are SO small in trying to keep the "footprint" of the tuner down, that they actually are too hard to read!  I mean, when is "small", too small?

Kliq has found the ideal medium, balancing ease of visibility and use, with something small enough to look cool, whilst not being cumbersome or in the way.  A bright display makes dark, on-stage tuning a breeze, and the tuner comes packed with features ranging from modes for guitar, bass, violin, and ukelele, to A440 pitch calibration with a simple 3 button layout, which unlike other clip-on tuners, are easy to find and use.  Not only that, but the tuner has VERY easy to see animations, perfect for beginners and advanced players.  Thanks to their layout, it's intuitive to know where your pitch is, unlike some tuners which have weird dancing needles or simple red or green lights that may confuse a novice.

Best part of all?  You can buy the damn thing for only 22 bucks!  Yes, you heard right, this thing isn't one of those 100-200 dollar tuners.  This thing will get you in tune and not leave you broke.  After all, the hardest thing about committing to a tuner is how much it will set you back.  It's buying something that won't change your tone one bit, but WILL affect your overall sound and performance.  It's one of those most important investments you can make as a guitarist, and if you play live, tuning is crucial!

Chew on some specs:

Do you run a studio, play a bunch of instruments, need a bad-ass metronome or prefer the more traditional route?  Check out the Kliq MetroPitch!  

You might be wondering, why did I buy the Sabine back in the day over a Korg or Yamaha?  Well, none of these new style tuners existed back then, but a HUGE turn-on to me was that the Sabine offered a tuner AND a metronome in the same package!  To me, having something that could offer tempos AND pitch was so cool.  So the Sabine won out.  And while it still works great, it won't hold a candle to this thing.  

[Funny enough, the Sabine was called the MetroTune and this Kliq is called the MetroPitch, and while it sounds urban and hip, it's actually because of the built-in metronome on both!]

Better news for you guys today?  This is the Kliq version of my Sabine!  Only it looks better, has a bigger and brighter screen, tunes quicker, has better features, has a RIDICULOUSLY legit metronome with tap-tempo (!!!!) and is better on battery life!  Check it out.  It's finished in metal, comes in red, black or blue, has a jog wheel to get to tempos easily and quickly, has an 88 note tone generator, twin in AND out jacks, a headphone jack WITH volume control, front facing buttons, a better quality build than the old Korgs, plus a MUCH easier to read, animated display in full color, giving you a very obvious "in tune" reading.

Grab some more specs:

Want to more about who in the name of John Petrucci is Kliq?  Here's a small blurb about the company: 

KLIQ was born out of a community of NYC musicians who were frustrated with the low performing clip-on guitar tuners available on the market. Naturally, we took matters into our own hands, and decided to make one ourselves. We wanted to create a no compromise tuner that would be accurate enough for the studio, fast enough for the stage, and strong enough to survive the rigors of touring. With the UberTuner, we think our mission was accomplished, and we vow to uphold the same level of passion for design excellence with all of our future products.

Being working musicians, we understand the importance of quality tools you can depend on. That’s why in addition to our unrelenting commitment to quality, we back all of our products with an unprecedented 100% Money Back Warranty. In the unlikely event a KLIQ product breaks or stops working during the warranty period, we’ll replace it or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. We’re that confident that you’ll love our products, and will continue to use them for years to come.

Man, if only they had these tuners back in 2004!  Best part of all?  The MetroPitch, only costs $20!  I love how these guys are willing to back their products with new innovations and pro warranties, yet aren't hosing the customers with "boutique" pricing.  Massive respect.

OK, that's enough out of me because I'm going to go buy some right now on Amazon!  

Go forth good citizens, fully in tune and with money in thine wallets!

BTW, check out Erich Andreas doing a video demo of the Ubertuner Clip On, showing, for most of you, the bright visibility and quick response of this tuner!

PS - Seriously, keep an eye on this company, I have a feeling you will be seeing many cool innovations from them in the future!