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Good Guy Dave Grohl

Good Guy Dave Grohl

Yes, it's true.  Only mere hours after news broke of the 1000 Foo Fighters fans in Cesena, Italy who all jammed en masse to the FF classic "Learn to Fly"; Dave Grohl responded, saying he would bring the band there!  This pretty amazing news really only serves as further proof that Dave Grohl very well may be the "nicest guy in rock and roll".

Check out the video from Dave himself posted on the Foo Facebook spoken in Italian nonetheless!

Hey, if you don't speak Italian, here's roughly what he said:

“Hello Cesena, I’m David, hi, and I’m sorry, I can’t speak Italian, just a little, just a little bit. This video.. beautiful, really beautiful! Thank you so much. We are coming, I promise. See you soon! Thank you very much, love you, bye.”

After having fans perform something so spectacular, it really is only obvious that Dave would return the favor in this video, spoken in Italian.  In fact, I would put money on the fact that Dave is probably only cooking up more and more epic plans for when the Foo Fighters do visit these Italian fans!

For now, we wait until more news rises of this amazing series of music-loving events -- Until then, and since it's Friday and it's all about feeling good, let's re-visit the top times that Dave Grohl has already been the "nicest dude in rock!" (ranked in no order)

There was the time he let a fan come play drums on stage with the band for the fan's birthday (while drummer Taylor Hawkins took over vocals)

Then there was the time that Dave broke his leg at a show in Sweden, got up, and continued the show; eventually promising to return to play the show over (watch the whole video to see what really happened!)

There was a time when Dave let some lucky fans come tour his legendary Studio 606!  (Any FF will love this video)

There was the time when Dave threw "that guy" out of his show for starting fights:

Ever the proponent of REAL instruments and REAL music, Dave always waves the flag of the garage band.  Remember the time when he brought his band to jam in fans' garages?!

Despite him seeming anti-electronic and pro-real musical instruments...

it doesn't mean he won't respect his fellow electronic artists and do a jam:

There was the time when Dave wrote an entire song about the Beaconsfield Miner, whose only wish was to hear some Foo Fighters when they were trapped in a collapsed mine

Before he wrote the song, he made it known that:

"Though I'm halfway around the world right now, my heart is with you both, and I want you to know that when you come home, there's two tickets to any Foos show, anywhere, and two cold beers waiting for yous. Deal?"

I mean seriously, what a great guy. 

And to send it all off, here are the Foo Fighters playing for David Letterman when he returned from heart surgery.  In Dave's words, "Here's MY favorite band, playing MY favorite song!"

Best of all?  This list won't even come close to naming all the amazing things Dave's done for rock.  Until the next "good guy" news comes up, we bid you adieu!