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Master of Mondays

Master of Mondays

So it's Monday and you may have seen a show over the weekend, played some guitar, or just might be craving something to brighten up your day.  Well what could be better than a combination of all of the above plus some utter frontman hilarity. 

Let's be clear, no disrespect to James Hetfield, one of the greatest frontmen to have ever lived, but he has some of the very best James-isms; the very things that make him and his band so amazing.  Without Hetfield's OOOOOs, OHHHHs, HAHs, YAH-HAHS, and YEAHs, Metallica just wouldn't be Metallica.  From Dio, to Brian Johnson of AC/DC, to Ozzy Osbourne, to David Lee Roth; every frontman has their very own mannerisms.  Cliche or not, they are the reasons we love them!  Just let Jim Breuer explain this exact phenomenon.  James doesn't even need to sing, just one YEAHHHHH is enough! 

I mean what would rock and metal be without trademark phrases like YEAH?!  While many singers use it, none will ever be quite as powerful as the quintessential Hetfield YEAH.  So what if I told you that someone out there in the magical internet actually took the time to compile every Hetfield YEAH into a single 3:16 symphonic track of vocal glory? 

Yes it really does exist!  So without further ado, feast your earholes on every James Hetfield YEAH... ever:

I mean when this gets to the Garage, Inc section, just wait for how epic it gets.  And how about that ending?

Did that sufficiently brighten your Monday?  If not, you should check out how much Metallica loves death. 

And finally, let us not forget that James himself is not afraid to imitate the cliches of other bands ;)

Go in peace my metalhead friends!