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It’s not exactly news that Napalm Death are one of the most politically active bands around right now. They always find some way to make the news, whether it's their music videos, which often feature some pretty heavy anti-facist imagery, Barney Greenway’s efforts to stop an execution in Indonesia, or their fundraising efforts for Cardiac frontman Tim Smith, who suffered a simultaneous heart attack/stroke back in 2014. The band is living proof that you can make some of the most extreme music, but also be able to stand up for something and do the right thing when someone needs it. 

Now, the band have their charity game, as they’re now offering a previously unreleased song called Earthwire for $3 via DZI. All the proceeds earned by the song will go to help victims of the earthquake that hit Nepal in April of this year. You can pick up the new song here

Barney Greenway offers this description of why the band has taken interest in the charity:

"When you're bouncing from continent to continent in short spaces of time, it might be very easy to become complacent to where you process all those continents through the same perceptive filter. I think you owe it those who receive you — and to yourself — to have a deeper sense of understanding.

"Nepal, therefore, seemed not only a place of striking beauty, but also a tougher place for things that you would normally take for granted, e.g. a stage to play on and a place for a concert festival. A wider viewing revealed such grim inequalities — in comparison to the wider world — as people living in holes at the side of the road, which then actually became one of the reference points for our current album, 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat'.

"When the earthquake struck on the 25th April 2015, I recalled the general frailty of the buildings in Kathmandu (something which you see on several continents where deprivation makes everyday habitation a very hazardous experience) and could already imagine the consequences — I didn't necessarily need to view the inevitable volume of TV / internet footage.

"Shane [Embury], our bass player, was already thinking of what NAPALM DEATH could do to alleviate things in our own small way and knowing that Bill Gould from FAITH NO MORE had been involved in the region, Shane was kindly directed by him to the DZI. We like the fact that the community has an overriding hand in deciding how to best use resources, and the spirit of independence that the DZI encourages is something that runs in parallel with the ethos of NAPALM DEATH.

"We therefore present an exclusive track from the aforementioned album session written by our guitarist, Mitch Harris — to raise funds for the work and resources required through the DZI. The lyrics can be interpreted in several different ways, but to me they signify acknowledging and embracing humanity beyond the relentless march of technology. Perhaps somewhat apt here.

"Please give what you can to aid the rebuilding of people's lives — and bathe in the sonic extremity."