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At some point in every guitar player's life, they start to accumulate enough guitars to warrant finding a better way to store them. I mean, why buy a ton of guitars just to store them in their cases? 

Plus, when that urge to play strikes, you then have to dig through some cases to find the particular one you are looking for. 

Jim Root ran into this particular problem filming his DVD with us, but then again, none of us will ever have the epic collection that he has...

Didn't know Jim had a PRS?  Didn't you know you could see his private stash?!  Well get his DVD!  But this isn't all about Jim.  This is about guitar racks! 

For those of us with a few guitars, in the range of say, too many for a single stand, but not enough to warrant a Joe Bonamassa-sized guitar boat...

...there are the 3, 5, and 7 space guitar racks, which make storing a few instruments a breeze!  These racks not only let you show off your prized possessions, but also let you grab one at a moment's notice and jam without having to go case-digging!

The folks over at Hamilton Stands are going to be releasing a new take on the old faithful design of the rack guitar stand with their upcoming series of 23" and 37" guitar racks that hold 3 and 5 guitars respectively.  Why Hamilton?  Well, the cool thing about this new design is that they are more adjustable than the guitar racks you may currently be used to. 

You may already be familiar with most guitar racks, but these are different than the rest. Yes, they are black, and covered in protective coatings so you don't ding up your finish as you take your guitar in and out of storage, but that's where the similarities end.

You can take each of these stands and adjust them fully to whatever your storage needs are.  For instance, each neck cradle slides so you are not stuck with 7 identical slots like most racks.  Which is wasted space at times.  This lets you tailor the rack to hold the right guitars in the right order.  Have 5 acoustics?  Or a mix of acoustics that are thicker than your thin electrics?  No problem!  Just slide the rails around until you have your ideal set up!  PLUS you can lower the neck rail so that you can more easily store mandolins, Ukeleles and other often-overlooked stringed instruments!

Best news of all, is that Hamilton is the manufacturer.  If you didn't know, or never were in concert band, Hamilton is one of the leaders in instrument storage, making everything from trumpet stands to trombone rests to crazy folding keyboard stands.  Seriously check it out!

Prices for these racks are modest and look like they will range from $80-100.  These will not be available to buy until January 2016, so your GAS better wait just a bit until you have this awesome rack to store all of your amazing new holiday purchases! 

And yes, if you gig a lot, these bad boys DO indeed fold up flat for easy transport!