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Only 1 Minute of Rock

Only 1 Minute of Rock

That's not nice!  There's more to Pantera than whammy bar tricks!  I digress... What the hell can you do in one minute?  Yeah, you might have a bag of tricks on your guitar, or you might have a go-to riff to impress your friends.  But what about 31 riffs mashed together in one minute!? 

At this point, you probably don't even have to guess who will be making an appearance, it'll either be Jared Dines or Rob Scallon!  Our YouTube heroes of numerical based guitar something-or-other.  But yeah, Rob is here to mash up 31 riffs in a mere minute, which is far harder than it seems.  Not wasting space in between riffs, let alone getting them to flow into the subsequent one is no small task! 

Rob tackled THIS impressive list of riffs in his 60 second video:

1. Iron Man - Black Sabbath
2. My Name is Mud - Primus
3. Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix
4. Beat It - Michael Jackson
5. Stabwound - Necrophagist
6. Enter Sandman - Metallica
7. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity - Metallica
8. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
9. Back in Black - AC/DC
10. Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
11. Sugar - System Of A Down
12. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
13. Welcome to Bucketheadland - Buckethead
14. Dueling Banjos
15. Johnny Be Goode - Chuck Berry
16. Raining Blood - Slayer
17. Precipitation - Les Claypool and the Holy Mackeral
18. Ars Moriendi - Mr. Bungle
19. Seinfeld Theme
20. Never Meant - American Football
21. The Spirit of Radio - Rush
22. Every Pantera song
23. Every Oceano song
24. Every Emmure song
25. Every Glass Cloud song
26. Every Psyopus song
27. Every Rob Scallon song
28. Undone (The Sweater Song) - Weezer
29. Time of Your Life - Green Day
30. Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones
31. Wheezy Waiter Outro Theme

And what the hell is Wheezy Waiter?!  Anyway, do yourself a favor and check out Rob's minute of riff, it's pretty damn cool.  Although, my personal favorite part is not what you'd expect.  After you watch Rob's facial expressions one time through... the computer next to him.  Every riff has its own patch on PositiveGrid BIAS FX!  Which is fitting, since apparently this video was sponsored by BIAS FX.  Seriously, the patch changes (or clever edits) are just gnarly!  Because you just can't have different riffs without having the different tones to match!  So I give Rob or the BIAS FX folks even more credit for patching this whole shit show of tones together, because that was no easy task either!

Watch and enjoy!