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PRS Guitars has always been known for the amazing, almost candy-like finishes on their guitars.

They have created guitars that range from the clear-coated natural wood grain look,

to others that boast curly maple book-matched tops,

to deep, sensuous quilted patterns.

PRS has created guitars in stunning solid colors as well, from custom racing stripe motifs,

to racing themed guitars,

to simple monotone satin models.

Well, PRS is now branching out into new territory with their S2 line, offering all 7 of their models in a brand new METALLIC paint job.  If you didn't know, the S2 line is their middle of the road offering, bridging the gap between their cheaper imported guitars, and their most expensive USA-made Core models.  The S2 line are for sale at ~ $1000, offering stellar features for the price point, and all of the same Maryland factory build quality that makes USA PRS guitars so great.

The two colors offered are called Fire Mist and Egyptian Gold Metallic, and while one looks more misty than fiery, I think you'll be able to tell what color is which!

So check out the new Metallic S2 line up in all of its metall-y glory!

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