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Masters of metal, the leviathans of brute; true Southern pioneers of NWOAHM LAMB OF GOD are about to unleash a VERY long-awaited new album on the world. 

The new album, entitled "Sturm Und Drang" is out July 24th and has fans around the world giddy with excitement over the future of metal. The album title translates from German to "Storm and Stress", which seems to be the perfectly concise and elegant way to sum up the journey that the entire band has been on throughout the last few years with lead singer Randy Blythe's imprisonment in the Czech Republic. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will know that Randy has since been set free and has embarked on a variety of creative paths, including photography, art, and of course music. 

Lamb of God as whole has stayed strong, true to their music past, and come out on the other side of the ordeal heavier, happier, healthier, and better than ever before.  And I am not just saying this as a fan, but from hearing the healthy amount of new music they have teased before the record even comes out!  They've already released three music videos, one lyrical, and two conceptual.  And they are all bad ass.

Still Echoes kicked it all off with the heavy bad ass shit that LoG fans crave:

512 was the first video to appear featuring a glimpse of the band as a whole for the first time in years, including a dreadlocked Randy and a skinnier and very healthy looking Willie Adler!  (512 was named such in regards to the number of Randy's prison cell)

And just 2 days ago, LoG threw out ANOTHER music video for "Overlord"!  SPOILER ALERT, this is the first LoG song to ever feature almost entirely CLEAN VOCALS, and to be honest it sounds... (well go listen and keep scrolling)

Fucking great!  Randy is proving himself to be a VERY accomplished singer and writer, and the band is proving they can grow with the times and show true artistic depth.

So what do you think? 

For the best insight into Randy and new LoG (including some epic guest appearances), who better to check out than ex God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle, where the two friends and brothers of metal get together for an interview that quite simply will be the best thing that ever happened to VH1 in the last 15 years!

And finally, go see them live and buy their music!  Rock is back:

Photo by Travis Shinn