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Skate or Die!

Skate or Die!

There’s nothing better than seeing something get new life.  Whether it’s an old amp getting played for the first time in years, an old guitar finally getting re-strung, or an old record being brought out and dusted off, it’s always a bit magical to see something come back to life.  The same can be said about other pieces of our youth, perhaps say, a skateboard or bicycle.  What may seem like just a simple toy can actually possess a soul.  For many of us, this was our key to freedom- a vehicle to take us places and show us new things.  It was a way to meet new friends, to find common interests, and a way to get creative.  These were our ticket out of our home, and a way to see new sights. 

To a very select capable few, these skateboards are not only pieces of living wood, but living wood that is the perfect platform to create a new life, perhaps in a totally new function different from it's original purpose.  While these seven layers of hard rock maple were originally built to be used and abused at the skate park, who said that’s all this wood could be good for?  What if this wood had a voice that deserved to be heard?

As it turns out, a new company has entered the guitar universe with this exact philosophy as their cornerstone. 

Known as Prisma Guitars, this company has said to hell with convention and is creating the ultimate in unique guitar pieces.  Instead of using the exotic, noteworthy “tonewoods” that you usually see on guitars, these guitars instead use the hard rock maple that once were the heart and soul of our beloved skateboard decks as their tonewood of choice. And talk about stunning...

At any major music company, you can find boat-loads of mahogany, maple, and rosewood all over the guitars.  These guitars however use only wood that has been repurposed from old skateboards, all with some major hand-crafted TLC from company founder Nick Pourfard, who "started Prisma Guitars based on his love for skateboarding and music. He is a 22 year old self-taught woodworker and industrial design student based out of San Francisco, CA. All guitars are built using the wood from broken and used skateboards."

The motto?  Prisma Guitars are all 100% handmade and the colors are completely one-of-a-kind for every build.

Talk about something different, huh?  In using this recycled wood, Prisma is not only helping the environment, but also creating something totally new and unique.  And in case you find yourself reading this and saying, “There is no way these things are going to sound good”, well, feast your ear-holes on this.


That tone!  In watching and listening to that video, you should have noticed the overall punchy tone of the guitar on a clean setting, PLUS the totally unique look of the guitars.  These guitars have a look that is totally one of a kind.  Even Fender, with their swirl tops, cannot come close to this particular look- which actually seems to resonate quite well with the Prisma name. 

Color me impressed.  I think these guitars are both a great new advance in the world of guitar building, which, let’s be honest, can get VERY stagnant; along with a great sight to see in the world of small business and hand-crafted artisan products.  While they are not cheap (around $2-3k), they are totally unique and absolutely a one-off guitar, built completely by one man, with his bare hands. 

But, the price is justified with stunning looks and tone, plus knowing you have an axe that was resurrected from the ashes of skateboards that have gone to the other side.  It should be noted that these resurrected boards will always be one of a kind, due to wood structure and their hand-made construction.  You will never see another one quite like yours.  Rad.

In addition to guitars, Prisma also has a line of accessories, featuring really bad ass looking picks (you guessed it, also created from skateboards), straps, pickups, and more! 

If you want to find out more info on this awesome new company, check out

...and then watch this video about the story so far


100% Recycled Skateboards.  Damn Right.

Go shred on something you used to shred on.