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Smoking at SNAMM?

Smoking at SNAMM?

You really can't have rock n roll without smoke.  There is smoke on stage, shit being smoked backstage and in the audience, outside the venue, it's everywhere.  You've seen guitarists jam and throw the cigarette in the headstock because hey, who doesn't think that looks bad ass? 

The only thing left is to have a guitar that IS smoke-able.  And you guessed it, somebody got creative and invented it. 

True, it isn't a smokeable guitar, or a life-sized guitar-shaped cigarette, but a guitar that contains a vape pen allowing the user to play and smoke!  Or something like that. 

It's up to you to decide if you think this is the shittiest idea to happen to a guitar or a total godsend.  If you're an avid smoker this may be the thing you've always waited for!  There is, as yet, no word on if the vape juice adds that vintage tube warmth and professional tone that vintage gear guys crave.

Don't believe it?  Check the video out courtesy the fine folks at GearGods!