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With a new Deftones record in the works, it’s a wonder that Chino Moreno’s side project Team Sleep can also have a new live record on the way as well. It’s especially spectacular considering that Team Sleep hadn’t played together in nearly 7 years, only rehearsed for 1 day before recording it, and then record the album in front of a ‘studio audience’. The new album is set for release on July 10th, and will be the band’s first album in nearly 10 years.

Now, to promote the new album’s release, the band has unveiled a new version of ‘Ever (Forgeign Flag)’, which you can listen to below:

Chino Moreno also talked more in-depth about how the album was made in an interview with NME:

I love studio albums. I love the painstaking detail of great production on a great studio album, where the band have got together with a producer and sculpted all these layers of sound into something till it's perfect. But there's something about live albums. The rawness of them is something that I find really compelling – listening to that band in a moment, where there’s nowhere to hide. I used to have these PJ Harvey bootlegs that I obsessed over, listening over and over to how the songs evolved into these different beasts live. There’s a curiosity to them: a sense of danger, like anything could go wrong.

Because a lot of the time, things do go wrong. Sometimes it sounds amazing and everything clicks. Other times, it sounds shit. Some of my favourite music and favourite bands – they didn’t always work live. It’s how it goes. Recently I went through some old Deftones live CDs and some songs would spontaneously sound different each night we played, which was kinda cool. There’s an uncertainty to live recordings that’s exciting.

I was really happy and relieved at how well the new Team Sleep live record turned out. The idea was kind of insane. We hadn’t played together for probably seven years but decided to give ourselves one day to rehearse, then record in front of what I guess you’d call a studio audience. It was terrifying. I’ve never released a live album before with Deftones or otherwise. I felt really nude. It could have been a catastrophe, man.

Instead, songs like ‘Your Skull Is Red’ are totally different and evolved from how they were the first time we recorded them [on Team Sleep’s 2005 debut]. It’s a cool snapshot. We got away with it!

via NME