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Sevendust is arguably one of the most important bands to happen to metal in the last 20 years.  They possess a sound that is totally their own, a trait that only a few bands actually have.  This legendary group has found a way to create a brand of metal that is both heavy enough for the mosh pit folks, but poppy and melodic enough to appeal to those who may not want to try heavy music on.  

With that being said, the band is about to unleash their next fully electric (and presumably heavy) album on the world, after taking the last two years to do a full acoustic record and tour.  This is the first full album since 2013's masterpiece "Black Out the Sun".  This record will be, wait for it, the band's ELEVENTH studio album!  That is an absolutely astounding feat for any band, and with all the original members nonetheless.  What is it called?  

Kill the Flaw

So here we are in late July 2015, and "Kill the Flaw" is slated to drop on October 2.  The band has also decided to tease out the album artwork, in addition to a new song called "Thank You".  This is the first new material from the band in quite some time and good news for all fans: it sounds like the Sevendust you have come to know and love.  This band knows how to do their brand of heavy, and thankfully show no signs of stopping.

"Black Out the Sun" combined the old school anthemic groove-writing of "Animosity" with the riffy/rhythmic goodness of "Alpha" with some totally new elements of sonic maturity that have obviously come about with all five members reuniting at this phase in their lives.  If "Thank You" is any indicator, then the whole album known as "Kill the Flaw" will be building on this very sound.

If you like RED, you're going to love this chorus!  Turn that shit up!

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