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Back in 2012, Mark Tremonti released his first ever solo record entitled "All I Was".  It contains 12 tracks written over the entire course of his life, from old ideas from his youth, to unused songs from his professional era.  It would be the first record released via FRET12 Records.

He assembled a small band around these songs, planning to use himself on lead vocals and guitars.  Eric Friedman and Garrett Whitlock, both of Submersed, would be providing the rhythm guitars and percussion for the album.

What started as a project, grew into something much larger- as fans quickly demanded to see Tremonti all around the globe.  Beginning with Alter Bridge bandmate Brian Marshall on bass, this footage you are about to see is an ULTRA RARE glimpse into the very earliest incarnation of this band!

As is often the case in music, schedules for touring did not line up and Marshall was forced to leave the project.  In a moment of sheer terror and possibly perfect timing, Mark contacted Wolfgang Van Halen to see if he could lend his skills to the fall 2012 tour- a tour that would begin in less than 2 days.

Van Halen signed on and the rest as they say, is history.

All of us here at FRET12 are very proud to be the machine behind this project, which has proven that rock music is alive and well.  We stand here in 2014, with Tremonti's second album currently in the works, and looking at another Top 10 single on iTunes with the release of "Gone" (the second b-side from All I Was).

But before this entire saga began, the band needed to rehearse.  What you are about to see, are the live rehearsals of ALL I WAS.  This is the very first time the band known as Tremonti met to rehearse the album.  This has never been seen before, until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, THESE are the tracks from the April 2012 ALL I WAS LIVE Sessions recorded on location at Groovemaster Studios with Johnny K.