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We are here to smash your party!

We are here to smash your party!

It may come as no surprise to you that when Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman started his own company, it would have a name no less fitting than Party Smasher Inc.  From the site: "Party Smasher Inc. supports and produces independent creation, with an obsession for DIY and revulsion for expectedness. It brings inspiration, resource and a home for alternative creatives."  Sounds right on the money.

Fans of DEP know that their music is chaotic and unpredictable, with an emphasis on creatively defying the conventions of musical boundaries.  Their live shows only amplify this one thousand fold.  I mean, seriously where else can you see a lead singer run across people's heads,


set things on fire,


or bleed over himself while launching mic stands like javelins?! 


This amplified live experience calls for some seriously robust gear as well.  That’s why ESP built the Ben Weinman Signature model, a guitar built for war (or a DEP show), complete with an Evertune bridge to keep the thing in tune no matter how many audience members collide with the guitarist during a set. 


So what is the latest venture into custom signature gear territory?  Party Smasher has brought their signature look and of course sound to the world of custom amplifier speaker cabinets.  But these aren’t just the usual re-hashed guitar cabinets…  When you HEAR a DEP recording, it seems like the guitars are being propelled by tons of speakers.  Not just lots of speakers, but lots of HUGE speakers. 

That is exactly what these speaker cabinets are.  Aptly named, and decorated appropriately, these cabinets are both a stylish and sonic statement. Here is what the rear panel looks like:

There are two cabs for guitar, and one for bass.  The base, starting model is a 3x12 cab, wait what?! 

You read that right, it’s a cab featuring  3x 12” Eminence speakers PLUS a 15” speaker!  These 12” speakers supposedly smooth out the brittle highs of typical Vintage 30s.  Plus having a built in 15” speaker will add PROPER low end!  Not gonna lie, it’s so cool to see a company trying something totally new in cabinet design.  Price is a modest $899.

The next guitar cab is called “The Coffin Smasher”. 

Sounds about right.  This cab builds on the similar principal from the 3x12, only adds, you guessed it, even MORE speakers. The company says, “Imagine having a full stack with a couple 15s at the bottom but in one enclosure and easier to move around. This Guitar cabinet is loaded with 4 x 12" speakers and 2 x 15" speakers!”

OK, you’ve got my attention, and this is exactly what this cab has.  So let’s count this: 6 total speakers!  This is literally a rock show in a box!  At over 150 lbs, it’s going to be a bitch to move to gigs, but the sound will totally redeem the fact that your roadies, family, and neighbors all hate you.  The company says, “The deeper box adds even more than the "312" cab to the low end without any flop and projects great bass tones with heavy or clean settings, Adding Low end without the need to tune down.”  Price is $1349.

And finally we have the 6x10 Bass Cab, for all the bass players out there. 

This cab is rated for 1200 watts, also weighs around 150 lbs. and will kick the ass of your current 8x10 whatever it is.  That’s right, you can get better tones and low end thanks to an improved ported design that should prove to be easier to carry thanks to its 6x10 dimensions. 

PSI says, “This cabinet is sized and ported specifically to be just as loud and clean as any 810 out there. The Eminence legend bp102s provide perfect tone for any genre and can provide breakage and distortion with control when dialed in accordingly.”  Price is $1099.

If you are worried about buying something from a guy in DEP, don’t worry, these cabs are designed and built by Paul and Vaos Amplification.  Look ‘em up, they do great work, and these PSI cabs are further proof!  If anyone buys a Coffin Smasher, make sure to tell me how epic it is in person!  These are so new, there aren’t even video demos, and sadly, the Coffin Smasher, is already sold out, so get your cabs while they last!