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Last year, Slipknot released their first record in nearly 6 years, .5: The Gray Chapter, to some pretty big success. The band managed to recover from years of silence, and win back the fans that had been eagerly awaiting their return, if it would even come. That time has come and gone for the band, however, and now, a new question has been brought up: What’s next for the band? How many more albums will they put out before they inevitably split for good? Is this return even going to last? Well, the hope is always that the band will have a long, prosperous career ahead of them, and for now, that’s all we can infer. Now, at least, we also have the news that the band is indeed working on another album!

The band’s guitarist, Jim Root, has spoken out earlier this month that he had been working on a bit of riff writing for the band’s follow-up to The Gray Chapter, although, being that they’re touring right now, it proved to be difficult. Now, in a new interview via Metal Hammer, the guitarist spoke more in detail about how the writing process is going on the road, as well as the potential direction of this newest album:

"We've been just kind of jamming a little bit, doing a little bit of riff mining and stuff like that. But I think, you know, it's really hard to write while you're on the road; there's a lot of distractions and it's just hard to sink into a vibe with it. I think the more we continue to jam, we can probably get some riffs and ideas for things, but as far as full arrangements and things like that, that's gonna have to come once the touring settles down a little bit. But it's, you know… It's a work in progress."

"Man, that's really tough. I mean, there's a couple of different ways to approach it. We could approach it like we did, say, [2001's] 'Iowa' compared to the first release. Or we could approach it like kind of picking up where [2004's] 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)' or where 'The Gray Chapter' left off. Do we go more aggro and more heavy and more death metal, or do we go more cerebral or more Pink Floyd, more kind of experimental? It's hard to say. And I think because we never know what we're gonna do is why we end up just doing what we do. And it comes off as being very organic and not contrived, and that's the case. Don't overthink what it's gotta be or what it should be or shouldn't be."

You can watch the full interview here:

While it may not be a definitive ‘Slipknot are in the studio recording a new album’ kind of answer, at least its news that there will be a new album coming at least! Unless something happens to the band on the tour, we at least have some news on something new that’s coming sometime in the future. Even more interesting, however, is his response when asked about potential side projects:

“It’s funny you say that. I’ve been talking to Ben [Weinman] about trying to fire something up with him, Ben from Dillinger [Escape Plan], and we may or may not, it just depends. We’ve been talking for years about trying to do something but our schedules never line up, so it just depends, but right now I’m still pretty 100% focused on what we’re doing with this, and I think that needs to be reeled in. I think, y’know, more and more we should focus a little bit more on what Slipknot is and what we should be doing in Slipknot rather than spreading ourselves thin with other projects.”

The potential Jim Root and Ben Weinman collaboration is just too much for too handle. Although there’s a pretty low chance that it will ever actually happen, the chance will always be there. Maybe before or after Slipknot finish tracking another album there can be enough time for this wonderful collaboration can come together.