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Phil Rudd of AC/DC’s story lately has been a dark one to say the least. He’s been accused of possessing methamphetamine and pot, trying to procure a hitman, and threatening to kill a contractor and his daughter. Although, the question remains, how is AC/DC going to perform at all of these events that they have coming up if their drummer is currently on trial? Will they keep him along? Will he even be able to join them? Will there be a third party preventing Phil Rudd from playing in the band again? Who will replace him if he is not able to rejoin the band in time? Well, some of those questions have been answered, at least.


According to the International Business Times, it looks unlikely that Phil Rudd will be able to play at the Grammys, which is set for February 8th, as he has his first court date on February 10th in New Zealand. After his court dates, it’ll be clear whether or not Rudd will be able to return to AC/DC for Coachella this year, or if he will return at all.


If, in fact, Phil Rudd will not be able to reclaim his seat for any of these events, for whatever reason, the band will obviously have to find a replacement for him. Ultimate Classic Rock has answered this potential outcome, by releasing a list of potential cantidates for the drummer of AC/DC:

Simon Wright

Wright took over for Rudd when he departed the lineup in the '80s, and although the string of AC/DC LPs he appeared on isn't generally considered the band's finest, he's still got his chops up for their material -- witness his performance on 'Sin City,' captured here with the tribute band Riff Raff.

Chris Slade

Slade's tenure with AC/DC didn't exactly end on good terms, but that's all water under the bridge now, and he remains a beast behind the kit. If he showed up with the band at the Grammys, Rudd might be the only one who's upset.

Bob Richards

Richards is the drummer AC/DC turned to when they needed a placeholder for their recently filmed 'Rock or Bust' singles videos, so he's clearly got a decent shot at the gig -- and as you can see here, he's also got some fairly ferocious chops.

Kenny Aronoff

Kenny Aronoff has drummed for everybody, and has done a damn fine job of it, too. The only downside of inviting him to perform is that his schedule is always so packed, there's no way of knowing where in the world he might be on Feb. 8.


Check out the full list of speculated drummers here

So, there are a lot of possibilities here. Only time will tell exactly what will happen for the legendary rock band.