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AC/DC fans have been eagerly awaiting a new album since 2008's "Black Ice". Sadly, earlier this year, it was confirmed that the legendary rhythm guitarist of the band, Malcolm Young's health was suffering. Many speculated that this would signal the end of the band, as the members are very attached to their founding member Malcolm.

As many of you probably know, Malcolm is also the brother of lead guitarist Angus Young. Malcolm not only held down the riff side of this iconic band, but also was one of the key songwriters, so with his absense, many thought the band could not go on.

After plenty of media speculation and fan's voicing their thoughts, lead singer Brian Johnson finally came out to say that while Malcolm was ill, the band would not only continue on, but also begin writing a new album! This got many fans, old and new, very excited to hear new material, and today, even more great news was announced! The band told sources that the upcoming album would be entitled "Rock or Bust" and should arrive on December 2nd! As a long-time AC/DC fan, I personally find this title incredibly fitting for the group's style, and holy hell, a release before 2014 is over?! This is just too much!

Well, not all good things are perfect, and sadly the group did also confirm that Malcolm's illness has continued- to the point where he will likely never play with the band again. But, thankfully for fans, the band will 'tour extensively' in 2015! So, all of this crazy news might leave you all wondering, who will provide the guitar to back up Angus?

Why not keep it in the family? Stevie Young, the nephew of Angus and Malcolm will take the stage with the band! Stevie will also be providing the rhythm guitar on the new studio tracks for "Rock or Bust"! Most importantly, for everyone, 11 new AC/DC tracks are coming; and that is sure to please all those who are about to rock!

picture courtesy of our pals at TeamRock!