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No, I am not talking about the Dean Martin classic, but hell, I think it would add some great headphones music to the experience of reading this:

So, while you are enjoying the classic tones of Dean Martin paired with Ocean's Eleven, let me throw a hole in this proverbial boat, and go completely to the other side of the musical spectrum.  Off we go, to a small punk rock show in Sydney.  Let me lay it all out for you. 

The band is NOFX, the perpetrator is a boy in a fishing hat named Alex, the kicker is none other than Fat Mike, and the setting is a series of tweets and one very epic YouTube video:

This video is insane, in and of itself!  The replays alone make this a bit reminiscent of America's Funniest Home Movies sans the horrible 90s sound effects.  Watching the fishing hat go flying and the hair go flailing is cringe-worthy at first but soon becomes addicting; and quite truly- very punk rock.  The internet has been calling out NOFX's Fat Mike for being unruly or cowardly, but really, during the chaos of a show, it's always hard to tell what could happen. 

To give some background check the video description:

The NOFX singer had been complaining of neck pain during the show and when an unwitting fan snuck on stage to give him a mid song hug Mike just went ballistic. An elbow to the face took the fan down and Mike followed that up with a swift kick to the face. It seriously goes down like a sequence from an action movie.

In fact, this is where things get interesting.  Because we have two sides to this reaction from Fat Mike.  You either have Dimebag incidents, or you have Randy Blythe incidents.  Does the band try to defind themselves until security intervenes?  How long do you wait to defend yourself with a crazy fan running amok?  Do you end the matter there, or possibly risk your own safety, and that of your band and the front row?

Or do you let the fan run amok on stage at your own risk of safety, out of fear of not ending up in a Czech prison? 

It's safe to say, that in most countries, the reaction will not be the same as it was for Randy Blythe when the young Daniel Nosek tragically fell from the stage and died of his injuries later on.  Concertgoers know that attending a show is your OWN risk, and you are partaking in something that could have people landing on your head, among many other dangers.  Just like seeing an auto race, or any other live event- it comes with risk that fans calculate when they choose to attend.  But there lies the beauty of a live show that you just do not get by watching YouTube on your iPhone! 

So it is really great to see that while the knockout punch and then kick to the face from Fat Mike LOOKED painful and unruly, the fan was actually not hurt!  In fact, he only had a slightly bloody lip, which again, at a NOFX show, can go hand-in-hand with your ticket price!  He eventually said that "it didn't hurt at all". 

And when the internet freaked out on his behalf he even went so far as to tell the 'net to calm down:

But this was all not before the fan called out Fat Mike on Twitter, saying:

Actually, it's almost kind of heartwarming!  Those Aussies are just so damn polite!  Now it should be mentioned that Fat Mike was in suffering from neck pain that night and was not feeling so hot on stage.  So having a fan come up and start manhandling you while trying to play WITH an injured neck was probably not the best feeling in the world.  Alas, Fat Mike showed his heartwarming colors as well as the two bonded on Twitter:

THEN, the love continues, as Fat Mike offered to buy Alex a beer if he came to the Friday night show!  I mean, c'mon... breathe a sigh of relief that no one is hurt, has hurt feelings, or is suing!  Australia and punk rock, ftw!  All's well that ends well!  Plus, I am sure Alex is enjoying all the new followers he has on Twitter thanks to this kick in the head.  Plus it sounds like he may have a new friend in Fat Mike- true punk royalty!  See, getting up on stage CAN be a good thing!!!  And it always makes for a great show!