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Many of you may fondly remember the early 2000s and the countless amount of amazing "Warped" bands that were coming out at the time.  Everyone from Thursday, to Finch, to Thrice, to The Used, to Brand New, to At The Drive In, to Story of the Year, to Midtown, to Sum41, to well, this list can keep going!  Two now-legendary pop-punk bands of this era just so happen to be releasing new music today!  And both albums happen to be fantastic!  What are these bands you ask?  None other than New Found Glory and Yellowcard!

New Found Glory found themselves in a bit of hot water (no pun intended *har har) earlier this year/end of last year when they parted ways with guitarist Steve Klein who was arraigned on counts of lewd conduct with a minor.  The band talked about finding a replacement, but has now decided to continue on as a quartet! 

Many long time fans have wondered if this was going to be the end of the band, or the cause for the "usual shift in the band's sound"; but as it turns out, NFG seems to be writing some of their best music of their entire career! 

If you happen to be a fan of the band's older stuff, or just pop punk in general, you will undoubtedly LOVE the first single which showcases a new found energy and vibrance, plus their unquestionably trademark songwriting style!  Best of all, the band continues to churn out even more new singles, complete with some epic music videos!  Check these first 2 singles out and turn it up:

If you are loving these songs, the rest of the record happens to build on where these songs leave off!  The album is very fittingly-titled "Resurrection", as it seems to show that the band is going to have zero problems overcoming the departure of a founding member and writer, and perfectly capable of writing tunes that are sure to please old and new school fans alike! 

Pick up your copy of Resurrection right now, available in all formats!  (my vinyl copy arrived yesterday!)

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NOW, on to Yellowcard!

Similar to NFG, Yellowcard has been through their fair share of adversity and tough times, and then some...  The band also lost a very long time member this year when it was announced that drummer Longineu Parsons left!  To make matters worse, in 2013, singer Ryan Key's wife was severely injured in a tragic snowboarding accident, leaving her paralyzed.  Finally, this entire time, violin player and epic stage persona Sean Mackin (and perhaps the man we all associate with Yellowcard) has been battling thyroid cancer. 

This poor band!  Never to be held back however, they have persevered through these setbacks, even playing the main stage at Warped Tour 2014 to absolutely massive crowds!  Ryan Key has never stopped writing.  And it shows. 

This new album shows it's depth and beauty in the first listen, in just the first few tracks.  The Yellowcard you may remember is still there, but with many more rich layers and vistas for your ear to experience.  This brand new album is much more rock than pop-punk, and really brings in elements of more ambient music (think Karnivool and 30STM) and alternative riffs (think Foo Fighters).  In fact, if pop-punk was never your thing, this album may be just what you are looking for to get your fill of stunning vocal melodies, uplifting lyrics, and plenty of great riffs to give you your alternative rock fix! 

Strings and electronica are used in liberal amounts as well, which gives the band a perfectly huge backdrop for Key's always pensive and inspiring lyrics. 

Read an amazing new interview with Ryan Key HERE

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And here is a full stream of this epic new album!!