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I swear, these "smaller versions of the real deal" amps are starting to catch on!  You may already remember how Mesa/Boogie released a tiny Mark V amp, which packs all the features and tones of the massive and slightly-intimidating Mark V into a smaller and watt-stepping footprint!  Well, PRS has decided to offer their high gain leviathan: the "Archon" amp, in a smaller combo-sized "travel-light" style!

You all probably know the Archon as being the 100 watt beast that can power a half or full stack with ease, rip the ears off your band-mates, and possibly destroy familial relationships due to noise complaints.  Well, no less daunting in volume and power, the Archon now comes in a family of small-stack and combo amps! 

The first step down from the 100 watt head is a 50 watt head!  Dubbed the Archon 50, this head comes in the same footprint as its big brother, yet offers big tone and quicker breakup with less output and volume.  This very same amplifier head circuitry ALSO is available built into a 1x12 speaker combo providing a suitcase-sized amp that makes gigging a breeze. 

The Archon 50 (either head or combo) offers 50W or 25W selectable output, EL34 or 6L6 power tube configuration, and multi-channel operation!  What's the speaker of choice you ask?  Nothing less a classic Clection G12-75T 12" speaker- which gives you that great quality and tone you all love from Celestion.  PRS claims the amp works great in any setting from metal to rock to country to blues!

Get out your headphones!

Brand new to this lineage, now comes the Archon 25!  This little guy follows suit like the Archon 50 combo, but has even less wattage, to offer that great tube saturation at even lower volumes; perfect for bedroom jamming and/or keeping your significant other/family members happy!

If you just love classic tube breakup and clip, this amp will make it happen easier than ever!  This amp offers the great tube saturation for heavy music, as well as the remarkably-sparkly clean channel that its big brothers are known for!  Rather than the classic 6L6/EL34 tubes for power however, this little guy runs on a set of 5881 power tubes making for a true "grab and go" combo!  Weighing in at only 30ish pounds, it beats lugging around a half-stack to shows.  This combo also features the same Celestion 12" speaker, plus offers variable wattage, this time from 25W and halved down to 13W! 

Hear the 25 in action!

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Thanks to PRS for the images!