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...AND NOW... WYLDE!!!! ....AUDIO???

...AND NOW... WYLDE!!!!  ....AUDIO???

(thanks Popscreen for the most excellent Wyld Stallyns photo!)

Perhaps this video is really the perfect segue into what this article is really about!

UGH just listen to that god-awful tone! 

Every guitarist probably went through a phase themselves or had a friend who went through (or is STILL IN) the phase of "having shitty tone".  It haunts the guitar world like a bad plague, and can range from people not knowing how to dial in a good amp or just having really crappy beginner gear.  So how does a guitar icon who is known for being a staple of two leviathan guitar brands offer something to all guitarists that is quintessentially unique and won't break your bank account?

Read on dear viewers....

It appears that Zakk Wylde, the viking master of all things beards, guitars, amps, riffs, and blistering guitar solos is going to be starting his own guitar/amp company!  While we do not know much yet, here is what we DO know about this new company started by THE man instantly identifiable with Gibson and Marshall! 

Wylde Audio is the name, and rock n' roll tools of the trade are the game!  First known for his god-like guitar skill with Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde has risen far above his early years as a bell-bottoms wearing guitar slinger, elevating his name and his band (Black Label Society) to near total cult status!  Zakk has created legions of fans who collectively form an entire Black Label family, and if Zakk is the father (as he is oft-referred to) the fans are the sons, daughters, and outcasts that make up the endless chapters of BLS cult.

So Zakk is no stranger to creating not only huge riffs and solos, but also brands.  And how can you get any bigger than Gibson and Marshall?!  Well, if you are Zakk Wylde, you build your own!  Which isn't to say that the Gibson/Marshall combo isn't seriously one of the most winning tones in music- it may just be time to build on that!

Which seems to be exactly what Father Zakk is doing!  As mentioned before, not much is known about this "Wylde Audio", but through a few posts on their official Instagram, we have been given a few gnarly teases about what this company may be offering.  And it looks bad ass!

Now obviously, there are going to be those haters who refuse to play anything with someone's name or style attached to it, so if that's the case you need read no further.  But if you're willing to check out some creative new gear, feast your eyes on these Instagram teases!

Could it be?!?!  A Les Paul Bullseye?!?!?!! 

What is this?!  A Wylde Audio Master 100?!  Looks an awful lot like the famed Marshall JCM!

A golden Flying V?!

Check out this Vertigo War Hammer!  Emphasis on the hammer indeed!

Sneak Peek - the War Hammer in Black! #ZakkWylde #WyldeAudio

A photo posted by WyldeAudio (@wyldeaudio) on

What is this holy battle axe?! 

And this curvaceous "Odin" guitar in the famed bullseye paintjob!

Now admittedly, some of these guitars are going to receive monutains of internet hate because they are too metal or whatever.  But, as only Zakk can do, he knows what his fans like and dares to be different.  And for that, the man deserves a lot of credit.  Because rather than just resurrecting boring old guitar styles that are everywhere, he is forming an image and style that matches both his and his band's sound- which is something that many bands today lack!

So cheers to you Zakk on this daring new dive into heavy metal enterpreuership!  We'll keep you posted as more is learned, as several rumors have surfaced that Zakk will debut more gear at the currently-ongoing Winter NAMM 2015!

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