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Photo Via: Crave Online

When will it end?? It seems like Apple are always in the business of messing with people’s libraries on iTunes. First, they were putting albums we didn’t want on there, and now, they’re taking off albums that we do want. Pretty unsavory stuff to say the least. Plaintiffs are suing Apple for $350 Million for a period between 2007-2009 where Apple had been removing songs from people’s iPods. Here’s the thing, though, all the music that was deleted was bought from other sites. The $350 Million comes from the alleged amount that people had to spend on rebuying the music on iTunes. Patrick Coughlin, the attorney representing the case, made a pretty bold claim as well, stating:

"You guys decided to give them the worst possible experience and blow up"

It’s a very bold claim, but it fits to the narrative of a corporation trying to make money and take a jab at their competitors. Coughlin explained that when customers were in the process of transferring their music acquired from a rival service, an error would pop up, and prompt users to restore the device to it’s factory settings. When the device was restored, the songs would be deleted. Pretty sketchy, right? Well, Apple confirmed that the issue was known about, and was working as intended. It was meant to be a sort of DRM (digital rights management) to fight against potential hackers, and that users did not receive warning that the songs would be deleted because “It would be too confusing to explain the issue.” Now that is a cop out if I’ve ever heard one; claiming that it’s the users fault for being too thick to understand why they’re songs were deleted.

If you’ve been a victim of apple deleting your music, however, there’s good news coming. If you own or know somebody who owns a 160 GB iPod classic, you’ve hit the jackpot! New iPod Classics are selling for almost $500 and used ones are starting at $230. The original price for these thing? Not even $200. The highest price for a black one is $600, and a shrink-wrapped silver version is maxing out at around $1500. This is all a result of Apple discontinuing them, and people are panicking because they’re the highest capacity music player that Apple sells. Of course, this is despite the fact that there are just as good music players with similar or higher capacity that are compatible with iTunes like the FiiO X5 for $350. It’s actually turning into the wild west for new music players, so we’ll see what happens. I’m glad I’ve still got my 160GB iPod at least, and it’s not going anywhere.