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Fans, especially the hardcore ones, are notorious for following every move of a given band! And no moment is more dreadful than when new music is slated to come out. In comes the speculation that said band has changed direction creatively, isn't heavy enough anymore, writes too many ballads, isn't old-school enough; etc.

Slayer is noted for producing extremely consistent thrash metal recordings, and as they embark on their fifteenth record, fans are wondering if this may be the album that changes it all. After all, the band did just recently lose guitarist Jeff Hannemann, plus recently parted ways with drummer Dave Lombardo, who is being replaced by Paul Bostaph.

Well, Slayer fans, we have the usual two sides to every story, with singer Tom Araya's claims that it's fucking heavy, and ex-drummer Dave Lombardo claiming that it's "the same old". I mean really, can we complain? Is there anything bad about this? Heavy fans will get their dosage of heavy! And the "I want old-school" fans will get proof, from an ex-member, that yes, this stuff sounds just like the old stuff! Why? Because it IS the old stuff! Add those two elements together, and we'd say we have some true to life Slayer that sounds, well, old and heavy!?

Lombardo says:

“Do I feel the same about the material? It’s the best ever? That’s pretty much a very self-absorbed comment to say about your music… I, quite honestly, don’t have an opinion about the music. What I do know is that we’ve been working on those same songs that they’re recording right now, I’ve worked on those songs since 2011, with Kerry.
So those songs are not new. And all they’re doing is replacing my drums; that’s all they’re doing. They’re replacing my drums with the other drummer [Paul Bostaph], his playing… I mean, I have all the tracks, I have all the songs. It’s typical Slayer. If you wanna listen to this album, you might as well just pick up the last album. It’s nothing new.”

While Tom Araya simply says

"We started this whole process of writing a new album several years ago — three or four years ago — so it's been a long process; it's something that we've been doing for a while. So a lot of these songs have been around for a bit and now we're just trying to figure them out and make them good."
"We actually finished up a song that we're doing for somebody and we put that together in five days, and we went in and recorded it, we did all our parts, and then Terry mixed it and we presented it and it fuckin' sounds really heavy, man. [It] sounds awesome, sounds real fuckin' heavy."

Most importantly of all, dear music fan, is that this new Slayer production is being helmed by legendary heavy music producer Terry Date, who has produced some of the finest albums for Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Pantera, Soundgarden, Metal Church, Prong, White Zombie, Korn, Bring Me the Horizon, and much more! Seriously, go look him up! His discography is more epic than you can even imagine, and his production is guaranteed to make this new Slayer sound insane!