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Not gonna lie, one of the coolest thing about music in 2014, is not only a seeming resurgence of rock, but a revival of some of our old dearly beloved bands from days gone by.  More than ever, it seems like bands are getting back together to show that they still have it, and maybe more importantly- contribute to bringing rock back to the mainstream.

Many of you may remember a band from the 2000s called Atreyu, complete with a singing drummer!  The band, like many 2000s bands went through a variety of sonic changes.  Like Papa Roach or Korn, Atreyu was one of the bands in the metalcore/post-hardcore genre to go from tunes like "Lip Gloss and Black" and "Bleeding Mascara" to more mainstream rock anthems like "Becoming the Bull" and "Falling Down".

While the trademark rock fan syndrome happened (where an evolving band divided fans whilst earning new ones), Atreyu continued to press on until 2011 when they decided to go on a hiatus.  Many fans rumored this to be the end of the band as well, with the huge amount of side projects going on with the former Atreyu members.

By the time 2013 rolled around, the band's Facebook became active again with a very interesting post reading:

"REPOST- If you want ATREYU to write a new song for your ears to bleed too [sic].  Lets see how many really want a new track."

Well the status garnered thousands of shares and comments, and nearly 20,000 likes.  The fans were clearly still vocal. and these were only fans active on band social media. This seemed to do the trick however, as the music press soon took notice.  With every passing day, news of an Atreyu reunion seemed to be more and more promising.

Then, in the summer of 2014, the band announced that they were indeed back and planning to write new music!  Not only that, but they announced that they would be playing live shows that year, making appearances at Aftershock and Chain Reaction.

The snowball has not stopped either, with a recent interview with Australia's MUSIC FEEDS confirming even more news with the band, how the reunion happened, what their plans are with the revived band, and what the new stuff should sound like.

Here are some excerpts from drummer Brandon Saller:

"I think it was probably six to eight months ago, we kind of just started talking again. It started coming up a year and a half ago, and it just wasn't right. So we started more seriously talking about it and decided that we wanted to dip our toes back in and inch our way back into playing again. It really felt right for all of us and with the state of the music world right now, it felt like a good time to do that."

Furthermore, with so many bands like Finch, Story of the Year, Creed, and more doing Ten Year Anniversary shows, many speculated that Atreyu may only come back to do a similar concept for the 10th Anniversary of "The Curse".

"It was funny because a lot of people had speculation and were talking about a lot of stuff with [the celebration of the tenth anniversary of ATREYU's second album] 'The Curse', and I think that a lot people just expected maybe some 'Curse' shows to come up when we first [announced] we were coming back. And that definitely came up, but it was the kind of thing where we just felt like making music again more than anything."

So it does indeed sound like Atreyu is back for all the right reasons, helping bands like Fallout Boy, Korn, Breaking Benjamin, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, and many many more, save rock and roll and bring guitar-based music back to the mainstream.  This is truly an exciting time for music, and with a remarkable amount of band reunions, sellout anniversary shows, and a youthful injection of fresh new talent and sounds, the world is ripe for music with real musicians and performers to take their place at the top!

And hey, for those of you who might be worried that Atreyu is selling out, or writing another "mainstream piece of garbage" or "going soft"; well Sallor explains the whole face punching thing in this great wrap-up:

"It's hard to say. One of my favorite records that we've ever made is [2007's] 'Lead Sails Paper Anchor'. I love that record. I feel like where ATREYU is most like ATREYU should be is somewhere in the middle of 'The Curse' and [2006's] 'A Death-Grip On Yesterday' era. And I feel like the new stuff we're writing doesn't sound like that at all. It's a total reincarnation of my band and it's fucking as heavy as can be and as aggressive as can be, and it's definitely a punch in the face for heavy music in general. But we weren't really focusing on what era or what kind of record we should go back to and try to emulate, it was just, like, 'Let's give a hundred percent of everything that's inside of us that we need to get out.' I think it's blistering. We're stoked."

Check out the full breakdown (no pun intended) HERE

We are also stoked!  Bring it on!