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As you may or may not know already, the legendary grindcore band Napalm Death released their newest album last month, and it was absolutely phenomenal. Music critics everywhere gave it very positive reviews, and it served as an awesome way to kick off the new year. The band isn’t quite done yet, as they seem to be using this album as a talking point for some issues they want addressed. Napalm Death has always been one of the more political bands out there, so this comes as no surprise, but they seem to have stepped outside of the music world in different ways now. Late last month, vocalist Barney Greenway even wrote a letter to the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, who has been known to wear Napalm Death t-shirts, to spare the lives of two Australian smugglers who were sentenced to death for bringing drugs across the border. Greenway wrote in his letter:

"Dear Mr. Widodo, I am appealing directly to you to please spare the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the two Australian citizens who are currently awaiting the death sentence in Indonesia for heroin smuggling,

"As a follower of our band Napalm Death, you would appreciate that our lyrics and ethos challenge the unbroken cycle of violence in the world, whether it comes from a state or as an individual. If these things are not challenged and ultimately changed, I believe we will never truly move forward as humankind.”

He also wore a Justin Bieber shirt in Russia as an act of protest, as he told Noisey when asked if he did indeed own a JB shirt:

“Yes, I do have one, I wore it in Russia because I thought it looked quite effeminate, and I wanted to look quite effeminate because they just passed that stupid law to ban promotion of non-traditional sexual practices. It’s quite silly, and I wanted to let them know how stupid their law was.”

Along with the clear anti-capitalist messages in the band’s music video for Smash a Single Digit, the band is definitely using the traction from their newest album to speak out a bit more in the world. Now, Barney Greenway is further promoting the political side to Napalm Death’s newest album, as he posted a track-by-track breakdown of the meaning behind every single song on the album!

You can watch the interview here:

Napalm Death has always been about exposing the sickness that exists within our day-to-day lives, and this is made even clearer in this video, as Greenway talks about the nature of the workplace, debt, control, GM technology, and so many things that would be considered status quo in today’s world. If you enjoyed Napalm Death’s newest album, you should definitely check out the video, as it will help you appreciate it just a bit more.