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There’s always been something about Heavy Metal that attracts bands and artists to making a signature beer part of their brand. There’s just something about alcohol that’s attractive to heavy metal musicians, from a drinking and brewing point of view. Tons of huge bands in the genre have taken part in this branding tradition: Mastodon released an 8.3% double black IPA through Signature Brew (the brewery called it their biggest and most powerful creation to date), Iron Maiden’s own Trooper, AC/DC released a German lager called Australian Hardrock, Motörhead have their appropriately titled Bastards lager, Sepultura had Weizen, Municipal Waste hace Toxic Revolution, Amon Amarth have Ragnarok Porter, and Corrosion of Conformity have Imperial Porter.

That’s a pretty big list, al things considered, and it’s probably a safe bet that the number of Metal bands with their own line of beer far outnumbers that of any other genre. Now, the list is going to get one line bigger:

That’s right! The legendary Polish Black Metal act are going to get their own signature beer! The beer, titled Sacrum, will be released (or maybe even revealed further, it’s not really clear) on November 5th of this year, through Browar Perun! According to the label that is teased in this video, it’s going to be a Belgian IPA at a meaty 6.2%. For those fans of the band in America, who may be aching to try the beer, you may be left out on this one. Judging by the brewery’s website, they might be dealing only across the pond. Who knows, though, as the promo video for it is in English

For now, for any of you Polish readers out there, here’s a label that may tell you more about the brew: