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Brent Hinds is working up to be one of the busiest artists in the metal world right now. He’s already a part of Mastodon, but recently, he announced his collaboration with Ben Weinman as part of Giraffe Tongue Orchestra a couple months ago, he’s playing a pedal steel guitar for some new Mastodon material as well as his participation in Bam Margera film where he’d be playing the role of Ryan Dunn. On top of that, the whole getting kicked out of the Grammys thing and whatnot…

Either way, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra teased some of their studio work via producer Steve Evett’s Instagram:

Now, however, Mr. Hinds has been reported to be collaborating with another group with a bizarre name: The Legend of the Seagullmen. The band is just as bizarre as it’s name, on top of that, and will also feature Tool drummer Danny Carey, and OFF!’s Dmitri Coats. It’s definitely not a metal band; it more sounds like a surf rock band that takes some of the slower-paced elements from sludge and other southern genres, plus some other weird instrumentation. From the song that they’ve revealed, the music seems like something that can’t be limited by slapping a genre to it. It’s not as much bizarre in a bad sense, it’s just not quite what you’d expect from all of these artists coming together.

Check out the track they previewed here: