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You may recall that Megadeth recently parted ways with their longtime drummer Shawn Drover and legendary lead guitarist of seven years, Chris Broderick.  Chris had made a name for himself long before the call of Dave Mustaine, however his joining the band certainly got him heard by legions of new fans- which for a player of his caliber is totally merited and deserved!

However, just a few short weeks ago, it was announced that he would be leaving the band with Drover- effectively cutting the 'deth lineup in half!  Only Mustaine and bassist Dave Ellefson remained!  So what was to become of Megadeth, and moreover, what would become of Broderick and Drover?!  Worst of all, just like a bad breakup, it seems as if fans were left with no reason why, just a goodbye!

Well, today, the internet is getting some closure from Broderick about why he left and why he chose now as an ideal time to leave.  He also provided us with some information about his musical future! 

The fine crew at Metal Injection was able to transcribe the audio from a SiriusXM interview and offered some key points about the break-up.  Simply put, it all boiled down to a matter of timing and respect for the band as a whole.  Chris knew that the band would be embarking on a huge new process of songwriting and recording for their next full-length studio album, and it would not have made sense to have stuck around and quit during the recording or writing process.  Since it was all about to get into gear, now would be the best time to part ways. Chris explains:Injection

"It was simply time. I’ve been in Megadeth for seven years and I’ve really wanted to just be able to have creative freedom to write anything I wanted to, go anywhere I wanted to. I wanted to direct my own course. The way I think of it is it’s not unlike a chef who works at a restaurant that wants to open his own or a lawyer who wants to open his own firm.

It was a great time to move on. Talking to Shawn, he was in the exact same place. We talked about it and thought about it for a while. When Shawn quit, I was like whoa, we talked about it but he just did it. I had no idea. We talked all the time so I knew he had thought about it and I’d been thinking about it. As soon as he quit, I knew he made the right decision."

He also elaborated further about the timing of the departure:

"Megadeth is going to ramping up for their next recording cycle. If you’ve got trepidation to being a part of somnething, you don’t want to commit to the writing process and bail on it. When Shawn quit that instantly became clear to me. I talked to Ellefson and talked to Jackson Guitars and Fractal Audio and they were all so supportive. So I decided that night, after Shawn did it, that it’s the right time since Megdeth was going into the recording cycle. If there is a good time to leave, that was it."

So there you have it folks!  Some new and much needed info on the one and only Chris Broderick's departure from the band!  However, what's a good set of news without some teasing?!  Tease he did, as he hinted at his future musical endeavors with Drover:

Through talking with Shawn Drover, we talked about all this [Megadeth] material that will never get released, so we decided why don’t we put this stuff out. Why don’t we form a band and put this stuff out? So we formed a band, we have a killer singer. We have some record labels on the table so we’re really excited where its going to go.

OK, this is straight-up awesome!  More news on both Megadeth and Broderick/Drover to come soon!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the video of Broderick slaying some Back on the classical nylon guitar, so here's another one to please your ear drums! 

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