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For those who remember W.A.S.P. from the 90s, you’ll probably remember their guitarist best, Chris Holmes, who took hard rock to new places by exploring with reverb heavy leads. He left the band back in 2001, so the question is, what has he been up to since? Well, last year he released a pretty decent solo album titled Nothing To Lose, where he Holmes composed, performed, and produced the music and vocals, along with Motörhead drummer Phil Taylor. Now, however, he’s released the best music video of this year so far…

What makes this music video so great, you may ask. What makes this video better than the others released last month? Well reader, it’s because it features Chris Holmes doing whatever the fuck he wants. Holmes gives a giant middle finger to narrative in music videos by just making the video about him just being himself. He wears his jean jacket with a giant middle finger on the back to go fishing. He plays his guitar with the comically bad grammatical error of I’m A Animal on it in some kind of colorful biker bar. He flips off the camera occasionally, and drinks tea in his home. He feeds his dog, plays piano, and eats ice cream. His includes lyrics like “Fuck what the neighbors say” and the phrase “Decibel shower.” The video is just Chris Holmes giving absolutely zero fucks and doing whatever he wants to do:

As for the music itself, it’s actually a very solid hard rock sound, despite the kind of silly nature of the video and lyrics. The reverb heavy guitar riffs, and slower-paced heavy drum work really comes together to make the song sound gigantic.


So, good going Chris Holmes. You keep doing whatever you want, fuck what the neighbors say.