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Thanks to the electronically gifted fellas over at Harman/DigiTech, the legendary pedals of the DOD dynasty are coming back!  Seriously, this is epic!  Back in June they brought back the DOD Envelope Filter which can give you those perfect sounding funk-i-fied Hoobastank/ska/old Limp Bizkit sounds! 

If you're already pissed and yelling at your monitor "that's too much funk for my funking tone" then don't worry!  The latest pedal to be resurrected in full 70s orange and built in a steel frame chassis is the legendary and somewhat simple 280 Compressor!  It's a pedal that will honestly work with any style of music and guitar tone, and will always smooth out your signal no matter how you use it!

If you're looking to boost the sustain and sound of a ringing chord and squash the attack, this pedal does it.  Or if you're looking to bring up the level of your guitar's attack when playing softly to the same level as your hard playing, this pedal does it!  And most importantly, if you're a fan of Morley, this 280 Compressor uses the same LDR (light dependent resistor)  technology that all of the Morley wah pedals use! 

That means you don't have to suffer through scratchy pots ever again!  This pedal uses an internal LED to vary the amount of light passing through a filter- which reacts to how you set the knob on the top of the box.

It's got all the great sound of the old box, and all the new tech of modern boxes!  So it's a massive FTW for player's everywhere!  IF you still have not tried a compressor, this is a semi-affordable one to check out!  It's not a Keeley 4 knob, but it also isn't a cheap knock off.  Seriously, you can get one at the end of September for about $120!

Check out DigiTech's Tom Cram and his philosophy behind the pedal:

“The DOD Compressor 280 sounded so good the first time around that we didn’t do anything to change its characteristic sound quality and responsiveness.  However, while we want to respect DOD’s history we’re also committed to giving modern guitarists the features they need, and all of our re-issue pedals including the Compressor 280 offer true bypass operation, an LED indicator and a 9-volt power supply jack.”

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