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You know, it's always amazing to see what people will do for rock and roll!  I mean, with all the Gene Simmons "rock is dead" stuff orbiting around the music world, it's stories like the one to follow that prove that rock is alive and well!

What would YOU do to go see your favorite band?!  We all know, as bands get older and more famous, the venue size and the cost of tickets are inversely proportional to the ease of getting said tickets.  Shows sell out faster, despite having more seats in the venue.  So, it's a rush to pony up some big bucks as quickly as one can, on some shitty ticket website with a million timers and loading errors- all in an effort to see the true indescribable magic that is a live rock show.

Taking it to the next level, is seeing a legendary metal band, say, a legendary THRASH metal band by the name of SLAYER.  A band, who just so happens to be hard at work on a new album, working with a new drummer, and re-convening after the tragic loss of their guitarist Jeff Hannemann.  Fans show up in droves to see this band live, not just here in the US, but around the globe! 

So, let me ask again?  What would YOU do to go see them if you were say, a huge Slayer fan?  Well one fan has taken to YouTube, going to extreme lengths to get the dough to see Kerry King and company live at The Forum!  The fan, by the name of Jake, plans to sell his beyond-shitty 1997 Ford Escort LX to get the pricey tickets!  Going one step further, he did a gorgeous spoof of the Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercial in his custom made video.  Seriously, check this out:

Not gonna lie, I'm impressed.  This is an extreme level of dedication, and whether he's REALLY serious about selling his ride for the tickets is irrelevant just because it took so much effort to CREATE this killer video.  Furthermore, let's be honest, even if he sells this car and gives the prospective buyer a back massage, he'll prob only walk with about $100 bucks.  Escort LX models with only 3 newish tires just don't hold their resale value like they did in the 80s you know?

Well, these problems aside, the Gods of blood and thrash must have been smiling on that cold October day, as they were able to get this video into the smart phone of Slayer frontman Tom Araya!  Immediately after seeing the video, Tom realized the foolishness of this whole venture.  Seriously man, if you sell your car, how in the name of shit do you plan to get your ass to the show?!  You're not walking to The Forum!!!   And well, how about we just SHOW you Tom's reaction and amazing offer to loyal fan Jake:

The silver-bearded God of Thrash has spoken, so Jake should listen!  And enjoy those VIP passes to Slayer at The Forum! 

That is all citizens, that is all....