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How awesome would it be to have a job where your only responsibility is to dig through the archives of dead-and-gone guitar models, and bring them back from the dead? Well, that’s exactly the jobs of everyone over at Eastwood Customs, except, their reanimations of the departed aren’t exactly the kind with zombies, but more the perfect reincarnation of their former selves. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at their reincarnation of the 1960s Airline H74 side-by-side with the original, and try your best to tell the difference:

Maybe the shine gives it away, but the left one is, indeed, the Eastwood version. Still not enough to convince you how far these guys go to make these guitars as faithful to their originals as possible? Check out their work on the H78 version:

Even if the tone isn’t exactly what you’re looking for in a guitar, or it may look a bit too vintage for most tastes, you have to admit, everything about the guitar is absolutely gorgeous. Now, however, Eastwood have brought forth another long departed model: The Airline Swingmaster. The guitar just looks absolutely beautiful, bigsby and kleenex box pickups included:

This guitar is enough to make any retrophile squeal in delight, and even if your not big on the retro vibe, this semi hollow-body might still have something for you in it’s wide range of tones:

You can bid for, and check out some more of the past projects of Eastwood’s website. The site has a metric ton of unique, vintage, and sometimes odd guitars, so definitely check them out, if anything, to just ogle over some of their creations.